How to Get Your Music Out There


Every musician wishes to have their music heard out there. However, many musicians remain unheard of due to the high competition in the music industry. As such, both the expert and the beginners must put immense marketing efforts to win the attention of their audience, and build a musical name for themselves. 

If you would like to steer your music career forward, here are helpful strategies that you should consider. 

Go live often

Live performances can spread your music within the shortest period. They connect the artists directly with the fans, and this connection helps to transmit the musical information in a better way. Find out all the nearby events and make a performance application. The competition is very high, and you should therefore not set high performing rates, mainly if you are a beginner. Contact all the booking agents you know, and look for more recommendations to secure new gigs for your live performances. You should, however, be patient with the booking agents and remind them frequently. This is because the agents may sometimes be entirely held up, meaning that you might wait for several months. Remember to be respectful to the management crew when you get a gig.

Meet people

Social interaction is essential for every musician. Through the interaction, you will get to know many people, and they will also know you in return. You can meet people in many places, including churches, social gatherings, and other people’s events. Be a social and vibrant person to attract the attention of the people. Also, be sure to carry around a business card indicating your name, personal contact, and other essential things. Be organized and prepare a list of the people you would like to meet. Maintain a professional relationship with the people you meet with and stay in touch with them. Inform them when you have a live show, when you release a new song, or when you have an upcoming collaboration with other musicians. With time, you will turn those strangers to your potential fans.


Use social media

Social media is one of the leading methods of marketing right now. Many people use the platforms to get updates on what is happening in the digital and the music world. To market your music through social media, create professional social media accounts on the leading platforms. The most influential platforms that you can use include Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Social media platforms are cost-efficient, and they allow you to reach your target audience quickly. Find out the leading platforms which you listen to, use and focus on them. Make your posts funny, exciting, and informative to attract many followers.

Create a website

Every musician should have a personal website where they can post their music-related content. Include your bio on the site, and all the essential information that your fans might need to know. Use your website to post your music, lyrics, your song videos, and blog posts related to your music. As stated on this guide, you can dictate your price for the people who get the music directly from your site. You can also collect the emails of the people who visit your site, and add them to your mail list for future connections. Other than the website, you can sell your music content on the best music platforms such as band cap, noise trade, boom play, etc.

Make great music

When you make great music, you will use minimal efforts in marketing or doing press coverages for the songs. Remember that you are competing with many other musicians, and your fans will only listen to the best music. So, take time to understand your audience and research on the best songs that can impress them. After that, work with the best musicians, directors and producers to improve the quality of music videos. Sing what people want to hear and you will get your music out there.

Surround yourself with the right people

The type of people you stay with or work with can either break or build your singing career. For best results, ensure that you surround yourself with the winning team. Work with an excellent team of well-connected individuals who understand your music passion. You can also keep the company of people who have already made it from the music industry so that you can learn a few things from them.

The world will get your music quickly if you choose the right channels and apply the right strategies. Apply the above tips, be disciplined, and ensure that your music is interesting enough. Also, find a good and reliable manager to book good gigs for you and manage your music.


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