How To Find Creative Inspiration?

Every creative person knows that the muse can be highly capricious. Whether you are a writer, a musician, a painter, or any other person who works creatively, you’ve certainly had your share of bad days. Though it’s completely normal to hit the wall once in a while, the matter becomes more serious and frustrating when the creative dry spell seems to have no end.

Ever since people started working with creativity, they have been looking for ways to break that dry spell. While there’s no one universal way to get inspiration that would work for all kinds of artists, many of them, over the years, have decided to share their tips with the world.

From reading inspirational writing and listening to music to walking, talking to people, and discovering new places, we have gathered some of our favorite tips on how to find creative inspiration. Read on – maybe you will find something for yourself!

Read, Read, Read

There is nothing like reading a captivating book to get inspiration. Whether you read biographies of great musicians, writers, or artists, or their works, books have the power to take you on an inspirational journey. They can show you a different world perspective or teach you something you did not know before.

Apart from books, you can get inspiration from poems, articles, or even song lyrics. Do you have a favorite artist? Depending on your taste and the desired effect, you may immerse yourself in Shakespeare, Gloria Steinem, Albert Camus, or Drake quotes and look for yourself and ideas between their words.

You can also try reading something that you would never normally choose. Maybe you will stumble upon a book that will inspire you to do something different in your life or become someone else. The possibilities are truly endless.

Get Inspired with Music

It is no secret that music has an amazing ability to inspire us. It can make us want to dance, sing, laugh, and sometimes cry! However, many people don’t realize how powerful the right kind of music can be to inspire creativity.

Why not take some time off and listen to your favorite music until you get inspired? Or even better, try listening to the same song on repeat throughout the day. You might notice that as you listen to it for the umpteenth time, it starts to sound different and inspires new ideas in you.

Sometimes, you need certain moods or feelings to get inspired. In such cases, choose some music that will evoke the desired emotions. For instance, it’s hard to paint a happy picture when you feel sad or angry. If this is the case for you, start by choosing songs you usually listen to when happy or relaxed.

Talk to People

An easy and inexpensive way to get some inspiration is by talking to people. Whether it’s your friends, family, or even strangers you meet on the street, it is the fastest way to get a fresh perspective on life.

Not only will talking to people give you a chance to share your thoughts and ideas, but you’ll also have the opportunity to listen to their stories and learn how they managed to get through certain situations. In this way, you can not only get inspired but also figure out how you can apply what you’ve learned in your own life.

This tip can be hard to follow if you are a shy person. However, as with any other skill, practice makes perfect. The more you talk to people, the easier it will become for you. You might also want to try online.

Go For a Walk

You may think that walking is the least exciting thing you could do to get inspired, but it’s quite the opposite – it helps you get to know yourself better and see the world in a different light.

When you’re walking, you are focusing on what’s happening right now. You are experiencing everything around you in an authentic way. You can let your mind wander, come up with ideas or think about things that stress you out. This simple activity allows you to clear your head and be present without worrying about things that happened or will happen.

If you live in a big city and are constantly surrounded by noises and people, it can be hard to find peace and quiet. If this is true for you, try taking a walk in a nearby park or go for a ride somewhere in the countryside. You will be surprised at how well this works!


Many artists say that one of the best ways to get inspired is to travel. It’s not hard to guess why. When you go on a trip, you open your eyes to new places and people, experience new cultures, and discover different cuisines and traditions. All of this is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

The great news is that you don’t necessarily need to travel far. Since you are trying to find creative inspiration, not a relaxing break, consider going somewhere daring and new, even if it’s close to where you live. Maybe it’s time to visit a random cafe that you’ve never been to, an old library, or a new restaurant.

Remember that sometimes it’s not about the place itself, but rather the change of scenery and the new people you meet. So, try going somewhere you’ve never been before. Even if it’s just to the next town over, the change will be enough to open your eyes to new things and ideas.

The Bottom Line

Aside from these tips, there are many other creative ways to get inspired, such as journaling, practicing mindfulness, or even taking a long bath. The main thing is to be open-minded and not give up when the muse does not immediately appear.

If you feel discouraged during your search for inspiration, try something entirely different, or take a break and see what happens. You might be surprised to find that when you return to your work, you will be filled with new energy and ready to create!

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