How to Boost Productivity Amongst Your Employees Using Timesheets

As they taught us in junior eighth grade, any minute lost will never be recovered… it’s the reality of life.

However, this tends to be more applicable in the business world. In an age where business success is gauged by productivity, efficiency, and performance, entrepreneurs need to be conscious of the importance of time management and accountability. Through a plethora of initiatives, companies have the potential of boosting productivity through lowering operational costs, improving customer service, and seizing every opportunity for growth. One of the major ways this can be achieved is by utilizing employee timesheets to improve time management.

You’ll bear me witness, that most employees spend a lot of time on less important tasks such as taking unnecessary breaks to browse new videos on YouTube, get social on Facebook, or look up the latest IG posts from their favorite artists. But in essence, you can only manage what is measurable, which, in our case is time. 

Timesheets have become an important tool for business owners who are result-oriented and who want the best out of their employees. Anwesha Chatterji, a Tenured HR professional with years of experience in corporate HR says that in case you’re new to timesheets, it’s time you online for more info about what they are, how they work, and how they can help your business. Specifically, timesheets play an important, if not crucial, role in work management. Companies are now using timesheets in various ways, such as assessing results against work input and in calculating payroll. Whether it’s a simple time tracking apps or comprehensive worksheet solutions, finding the best time management solution will largely involve considering at the features, functionality, and ease of use. But how can you boost employee productivity using timesheets? Here are some pointers you want to read to decipher this.

1. Be Result-Oriented

It’s very easy to be carried away by the competitive nature of the business world, forgetting the fundamental aspects of your goals and needs. As they focus on getting the best business owner needs to start thinking of how to improve productivity. Well, it’s important to factor in the billable and non-billable hours put in by your employees, but this approach may affect your employee  or morale and could impact on productivity. While you expect your employees to work for 7 or 8 hours a day, you may be surprised that only 50% of the time will be used productively. This means that you need a timesheet that allows you to track the time put in by your employees in important tasks rather than a solution that aims at the overall time spent by your employees while at work.

2. Utilizing Time Tracking Timesheets

Investing in a timesheet that allows you to track the time spent on a project will help to improve employee efficiency because it doesn’t require you too much time to switch between tasks. Timesheeting also helps to ensure transparency between you and your clients, especially when it comes to billing them. This way, they know exactly what they are paying for. Especially ideal for those in the service industry, some of the best timesheets include a feature that allows you to bill clients based on the time spent on their projects. In addition to this, it can also help you out when preparing and evaluating your budget.

3. Think about Intentional Use of Time

Do you know why most entrepreneurs would consider hiring freelancers instead of hiring casual or permanent employees? Well, it’s because they’re tired of presenteeism from employees who are sick or in good health, sit at a desk all day only to give you no results! Investing in a timesheet that allows you to track the amount of time spent on tasks against the estimated time of completion (turn around time (TAT)) enables you to carefully plan your time, so you can delegate the most efficient employees to timed projects.

4. Pick a User-Friendly Timesheet

Before investing in a time-tracking solution, it pays to analyze the features that it comes with. You don’t want a solution that is overly complicated for your employees to comprehend. The time it takes for them to learn the system could cost your business a lot of productive hours. Investing in a solution that provides your employees with effortless click-and-drug functionalities and easy navigation formats can be key to unlocking your employees’ productivity. It’s thus important to invest in a timesheet solution that is easy to learn, use, and adapt to.

5. Focus on Employee Self-Illumination

At any particular time, even the most productive employees may not be aware of the time they spent on less important tasks. Using a timesheet solution that provides your employees with self-illuminating insights such as calculating the time spent on particular projects can be extremely helpful to your organization. It can help your employees in realizing their weaknesses, which in turn, can help increase their productivity.  

By allowing you to know how long it takes to complete a certain project, timesheets can help you in keeping your priorities in check. In return, your employees can actually dedicate more of their time on the most important tasks. Additionally, any employee would be motivated more by knowing that their achievements are recognized and appreciated. In a way timesheets, ensure that your employees are part of your success.

6. Balancing Workload

For you to better track the hours put in by your employees, you’ll need an accurate solution that gives you an overview of your employees’ capacity. A timesheet allows you the benefit of identifying employees who’ve worked more hours and are close to burning out, employees who need more work, and those who need help to complete a task. Timesheets are an effective tool for balancing and managing workload, and this allows you to allocate your resources effectively while promoting proactive support and a workplace that works on a shared-effort basis. These allow you to maintain a highly productive workforce.

The data generated from timesheets is a gold mine for a business that wants to increase productivity. But this can only be achieved by investing in the right time tracking tools such as timesheets. Timesheets have helped some of the most successful companies reduce management costs, increase healthy competition in the workplace, promote employee morale, and improve customer service, just to mention a few benefits. By improving employee productivity using timesheets, you can easily boost profitability and growth in any organization. 


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