How to Apply & Wear Perfume Like a Pro

Perfume is the ultimate accessory and elegant statement. But, if you want it to be effective and potent, it’s important to apply it and wear it like a pro. Therefore, before you start buying and using all your favorite fragrances, make sure to learn about their application, so you’ll be able to get the maximum benefits. So for that reason, here are some helpful tips that will show you how to apply and wear perfume in the best possible way. 

Apply it directly onto skin

Applying perfume directly onto skin is the best way to ensure that the fragrance is well-worn. However, since perfume doesn’t last long on the dry skin, it’s best if you could apply an unscented moisturizer beforehand. That will ensure more longevity, meaning your scent will linger for much longer.

Just spray it on 

Rubbing your perfume into your skin is fine, if the perfume doesn’t have a sprayer. But, if you rub the perfume in, you’re also mixing in your skin natural scent, which can change the natural course of the scent, due to increased production of enzymes. That’s why spraying is the best way to keep the scent fresh and captivating, because letting the liquid sink into the skin is the most efficient way to apply the fragrance. 

Choose perfumes in smaller bottles

You have probably heard the saying “less is more”. And when it comes to applying and storing perfumes, this one is definitely true. Keeping your perfume on the shelf for a longer period is not the best solution. The oxygen is known as “the natural enemy of perfume”, as it can break down the scent and alter it, especially when it comes to half-used bottles. So, opting for smaller bottles will keep your perfume fresh for up to three months. 

Apply it to your hair 

Misting some perfume on your hair is a sure tip to make sure it’ll last longer. However, if you live in a hot or humid climate, it’s important to be more mindful when applying perfume, due to sweat and heat. Because, as you sweat, the natural oil from your skin tends to destroy the scent much faster. Therefore, it’s best to choose a quality perfume from a well-known brand, so feel free to read Chloe Rose Tangerine Review as this type of fragrance is great for different events, seasons and occasions. Just remember to apply perfume on freshly washed hair, so the scent won’t have the chance to get mixed with other ones from your hair. 

Don’t spray perfume on your clothes 

If you tend to spray perfume on your clothes, that’s fine, because it’s a pretty common habit. But, since the fragrance can leave stains, it’s best to stay away from doing so. If you still want to spritz it on the clothes, then it’s safest to spray it on the scarf, as it’s quite close to your neck. Also, refrain yourself from spraying it on the jewelry, as it can damage it in the long run. The best way to ensure your scent will remain in place is to spray it on the bare, pulse spots on your body, such as wrists, behind the ears or even ankles.

Reapply the fragrance 

If your favorite fragrance tends to evaporate fast, then feel free to reapply it during the day, for 1-2 times, because being careful is the key here. In case you’re unsure, just ask someone if the scent is too strong already, and if it’s not, then reapply it, but not too much.


These are helpful tips that will help you apply and wear your perfume just like you were born with it. Keep in mind that less is more, and that using an unscented lotion before applying will ensure more longevity for the perfume that you choose to wear. 

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