How can CCTV systems benefit your business?

If you own a business, chances are you’ve experienced theft, vandalism or a break-in at some point. These incidents can have devastating effects on a business, from reducing the amount of available stock, to facing serious legal and financial implications due to a data leak caused by theft.

It’s crucial to ensure your business premises are secure to prevent theft and intentional damage, as well as protect you from major legal consequences. Installing CCTV will reduce your chance of experiencing a break-in or act of vandalism. Here, we investigate the benefits a CCTV system will have for your business.

Why is security important for businesses?

As a business owner it makes sense to protect your stock, your business property and equipment from theft or vandalism. A break-in could have grave financial and legal outcomes for you and your business.

For example, a data leak caused by stolen paperwork or computer files could expose sensitive or personal information about others, such as your clients or employees. If you have not taken steps to encrypt data or secure sensitive information, you would be in breach of GDPR, and could face an enormous fine which could put you out of business. It’s also likely you would lose clients, as your reputation would be significantly damaged if a data leak occurred.

How CCTV benefits a business

The presence of CCTV deters criminals. Thieves are less likely to target businesses which have CCTV systems, as they know there’s a high chance of being caught and punished for their crime. Draw attention to the fact that you have a CCTV system with bright, obvious signs indicating “You’re on camera” or “CCTV in action”.

Installing a security system will help your customers feel at ease. Knowing that an incident is less likely to occur, and the evidence will be captured on camera if it does, can make them feel safe and secure while in your store. Your staff will also benefit from knowing the store is being filmed, as they are usually the people who will be threatened or attacked in the event of a hold up.

Cameras also allow you to keep an eye on your staff. Most employees are trustworthy, come to work and get on with the job, but occasionally you may find you’ve hired someone who doesn’t pull their weight or even steals from your business. Employees are less likely to misbehave if they know they’re being watched.

Installing CCTV systems can reduce your insurance premiums. Many insurance providers offer lower rates to businesses which prioritise security and surveillance, so it’s worth the initial investment. You’ll also have camera footage to use as evidence to back up any claims you make, should your business be targeted.

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