NI programme to revolutionise physical activity in schools working with over 15,000 pupils per week

Against a backdrop of rising levels of inactivity related illnesses and an increase in alarming rates of inactivity levels amongst primary school children, Eakin, one of Northern Ireland’s top performing companies, is joining forces with Healthy Kidz to help reverse this worrying trend.

Healthy Kidz and Eakin partner up against childhood obesity

Eakin, a leading Northern Ireland healthcare innovation company, has partnered with Healthy Kidz to provide funding for its growing in-school activity programme.

Healthy Kidz is a growing and successful physical activity programme currently deployed in almost 100 schools throughout Northern Ireland. It provides a non-sport-specific, four-stand programme aimed at increasing physical activity, fitness levels and general health of children across schools.

All lessons, while fun and high-intensity, are based on the PE national curriculum and are aimed at children of all levels. There are currently 10,000 pupils in Northern Ireland taking part weekly and a further 5,000 taking part in after-school programmes.

Eakin Group Director, Jeremy Eakin, having heard about Healthy Kidz and the impact it was making, was delighted to support such a worthwhile project:

“We are excited to become a partner with the Healthy Kidz programme. It is making such a difference to the health and wellbeing of so many pupils in our primary schools. As a company, we are always looking at ways to integrate and support our community as a whole. We think there is no better way than investing in the health and wellbeing of our young people. Increased screen time and technology dependence has led to a rise in sedentary behaviour, so to be able to support the Healthy Kidz programme and schools is something we think is very valuable.”

Healthy Kidz director of coaching, Paul Carvill said: “Having this support from Eakin for our in-school physical activity programme is a fantastic endorsement of the impact we are making in all our schools.  Our vision is to get every child active, fit and healthy, and the support of Eakin will allow us to develop and grow at a faster rate to achieve this.”

Healthy Kidz was founded by a group of concerned Northern Ireland-based teachers, sports coaches and business people who wanted to revolutionise health and wellbeing in schools across Northern Ireland. The initiative was launched in 2016 and is now growing rapidly, with 96 schools and some 15,000 pupils participating each week.

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