Breakfast In Bed at Malmaison Hotel, Belfast

Hästens premium bed

Malmaison Hotel, Belfast celebrates the arrival of Hästens premium bed makers, including a talk about mindfulness, sleep and benefits on waking life.

On 24th May 2018, Malmaison Hotel based at Victoria Street in Belfast, held a unique event to teach their guests how to prioritise their sleep, including a nutritious and energising breakfast.

This event started with Hästens PR Manager and spokes person, Sanja Tegeltija who has introduced Hästens and their first and only NI partner J. J. Pierson Ltd. (a family business who are manufacturing and retailing fine furniture in NI).

Hästens is a global, Swedish manufacturing company, founded in 1852 who specialise in making handmade beds, bed-linen, pillows and lifestyle accessories.  When creating their beds, they only use ethnically sourced materials such as cotton, wool, horse-tail hair (animal cruelty free) and flax. Hästens provide beds made with sustainable, natural, pure, healthy and clean materials. Hästens state that their journey is ‘filled with passion, skill and the pursuit of making the best handcrafted beds in the world’.

The beds are designed to provide a feeling of weightlessness by gently aligning the sleepers body from head to toe. Hästens customise their beds to match their customers needs including; the choice of 14 different patterns, with blue check being their traditional and iconic pattern, different sizes and designs of beds, headboards, legs and more with 20,000 combinations of options.

Sanja Tegeltija has explained that it is crucial to start valuing sleep as it is an important factor to our physical and mental wellness that can lead us to a better, healthier and longer life. Sanja highlighted how vital it is to follow the right sleeping position and stay comfortable in bed to get a quality sleep. Hästens offer their customers an intangible experience, which can improve their sleep, and lifestyle stating that their beds will provide ‘the deepest, healthiest and most powerful sleep to be found’.

Hästens premium bed
Hästens Lifestyle Accessories, Hästens Bed, Hästens 14 pattern designs and Hästens PR Manager and spokesperson Sanja Tegeltija.

In the second half of an event, Bridgeen Rea the founder of Immeasurable Minds and mindfulness teacher, taught the guests that if ‘you want to improve your wellness, you need to treat yourself in a way you would treat a 5 year old’.

Bridgeen has listed some tips on how everyone could improve their night of sleep such as; creating your own every day ‘sleeping hygiene’, going for a walk during the day to sleep better at night, giving yourself some quiet time before sleep, exercising, following your nutrition intake and meditating.

The mindfulness teacher has also demonstrated easy, quick and simple practices such as ’10 finger gratitude’ and ‘conscious breathing’ practices that anyone can perform at any time of the day, anywhere they are, even in a bed during night time.

Hästens premium bed
Bridgen Rea, Founder of Immeasurable Minds and Mindfulness Teacher.

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Author: Viktorija Kubiliute

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