#Happiest5k @TheColorRunUK in Belfast attracts thousands! – see you next year?

Photo: http://www.judemalonecreative.com/

More than 6,000 runners of all ages needed a good scrub down on Saturday evening after taking part in The Color Run on its second year in Belfast.

An extra 1,500 participants were logged for this year’s event as it returned to cover the Titanic Quarter in a burst of various colours.

Those taking part were happy to jog, walk and dance their way around the five-kilometre course. At each kilometre a different colour of powder was thrown in the air as the runners became a constantly evolving artwork.

Known as the happiest 5k on the planet, The Color Run has no official times or winners and costs £25 to enter. The company says the focus is on healthiness, friendship and community spirit.

Event organiser Joe Rafferty said: “After last year, we didn’t think that the events could get any better, but yet again Belfast has shown that no matter how much the city changes, it still knows how to party. Seeing so many happy, smiling faces enjoying the event was fantastic.

“As we continue to grow, we want to bring the joy and happiness of The Color Run to as many people as possible and especially revisit the cities that made it so much fun last year.”

Ann Marie O’Riordan from sponsor Dulux said: “The energy and enthusiasm on show at The Color Run has really shown us just how much colour can uplift and inspire the runners.”



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