10 Things Every Good Quality Vape Oil Should Offer

If you’re new to the world of vaping or you’re a seasoned vaper, you’re always going to be on the lookout for the next best vape oil. While vape pens, mods, and setups can get pretty exciting, at the end of the day, we’re all here to rummage through the clouds.

Some people like their vape oil sweet, others like it bitter. No matter what kind of vape oil you like, there will always be a clear distinction between a high-end vape oil and one that is of lower quality.

Now, as an upstart in the vaping world, you might not be able to tell the difference, so we’re here to tell you all of the things the best vape oils on the market should have. Below, we’ll list ten fantastic things every vape oil needs to have to be considered the creme de la creme.

Distinct Taste

If vape oil is a good vape oil, it should execute the most popular tastes flawlessly. The formula behind popular tastes is well known and widespread, especially if menthol is concerned. If a manufacturer can’t nail this down, likely, they can’t nail any taste down. Its distinctive and high-end taste defines the quality of vape oil, so if something doesn’t taste right, don’t vape it!

Good classics

One of the things that set good vape oils apart from bad ones is the taste. Now, while there are more tastes than you can imagine, there are still the most popular variants. Chocolate, cigarettes, and menthol dominate the world of vape oils, and there are hundreds if not thousands of brands producing their unique spin on these classic tastes.


Another popular thing in vape oils is heterogeneity. It’s the variety of flavors that a vape oil can produce. Sure, there is the taste, but what about the aftertaste, the dimension, and the flavor profile? Once you buy a vape oil, you’ll need to test it thoroughly for these things, and if it isn’t up to standard, ditch the whole brand if you have to.

Pleasant Aroma

An aroma is one of the main selling points of vape oil. If vape oil smells pretty bad, chances are people aren’t going to vape it. The smell of vaping is a big part of the overall vaping experience, so you should always seek out a vape oil that produces a pleasant aroma after it is vaped.

Sizable Clouds

When vapes first reached the mainstream, it’s safe to assume that one of the most popular things to do is tricks. The tricks you can do with vape clouds are insane – there are even vape trick competitions that popped up. So, if you’re in it for fun, a top-tier vape oil should produce clouds as big as those you see on a sunny day’s sky.

Interesting Texture

Anything you consume in any way through the oral orifice has a distinct texture, and so does vape oil. Low-quality vape oil has a pretty gummy, nasty texture, and that is one of the most prominent ways to tell the quality of any given vape oil. If the vape oil is high in quality, it should feel pleasant to the tongue and your tastebuds and not leave behind any nasty aftertaste.


Speaking of aftertaste, you’ll want to invest in a vape oil that has a good aftertaste. I can’t stress enough just how many vape oils I have tried that were fantastic until the aftertaste kicked in. High-end vape oil manufacturers will take care of the aftertaste, which is a huge part of the overall vaping experience.

Throat Hit

The throat hit is a slippery slope. Some people want a powerful throat hit – others don’t want to sense vape oil in their throat at all. That’s usually declared on the packaging of the vape oil, so depending on your unique preference, you either want a more robust or less potent vape oil.

Be that as it may, if the manufacturer makes a wrong statement on the package and you don’t get the throat hit you’ve bargained for, you should ditch the brand entirely.

Superb Consistency

Consistency is everything when it comes to vape oil. If you’re a regular vape and you know what you like and want. You don’t want to taste different things every time you buy the same vape oil, so if your favorite vape oil seems to taste a bit different each time you buy it, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your brand loyalty.

Steeping Suitable

Perhaps the most significant trend in the vaping world is DIY steeping your vape oil. It’s a process akin to fermentation, and it doesn’t work with every vape oil. While it might work, it might not make it taste better as it should, so make sure to do your research and buy vape oil that gets better with age and steeping.

In Conclusion

Vape oil is only as good as your taste buds, and purchasing habits allow, so instead of cheapening out on your next batch, invest in a top-shelf vape oil option and enjoy all the marvels of vaping how they were meant to be enjoyed.

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