Tourism Ireland unveils new behind-the-scenes video about how stained-glass pieces were created 

It’s the sixth and final week of Tourism Ireland’s 2019 Game of Thrones campaign and the latest ‘Glass of Thrones’ has been revealed in Belfast today (Tuesday, 21 May) – at the Titanic Studios.

Glass of Thrones week 6

This week’s installation represents the show’s iconic Iron Throne – complete with a built-in seat in front of the window, specially designed for great ‘selfies’. After almost a decade of the show’s characters fighting and dying over its ownership, fans and visitors from around the world can now take a seat overlooking the very studios that brought Game of Thrones to life! Tourism Ireland’s message for fans everywhere is: “Come to Northern Ireland and take your rightful place on the throne”.

As the show finally drew to a close this week, Tourism Ireland has also unveiled a great new video about the stained-glass windows – it’s a behind-the scenes look at how these fantastic pieces of artwork were created.

The film is being promoted to fans and potential visitors via Tourism Ireland’s social platforms, including Facebook (around 4.37 million fans worldwide), Twitter (520,000 followers) and YouTube.

Throughout this final season of Game of Thrones, Tourism Ireland has erected six beautifully crafted, freestanding, stained-glass windows in Belfast. Tourism Ireland’s aim was to ensure the show’s legacy would be felt long after the final episodes aired – so that the connection between Game of Thrones and Northern Ireland will be remembered long after the show leaves our screens.

In creating the windows, Tourism Ireland began by analysing a decade’s worth of fan search data – to identify and categorise the world’s most loved scenes, characters and themes. Illustrators then visualised these findings. The finished designs could then be brought to life. Pieced together, every detail was then meticulously hand-stained by artists – from direwolves and bloodied daggers, to house sigils and dragon scales.

Each week after one of the final episodes aired, Tourism Ireland unveiled a new window in Belfast – creating a brand new “fan trail” leading visitors across the city, from the first installation at City Hall to the final installation at the home of the show’s production in the Titanic Studios.




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~ Tourism Ireland’s ‘Glass of Thrones’ campaign encourages fans to visit Belfast, where much of the popular TV show was filmed ~ It’s week two of Tourism Ireland’s latest Game of Thrones campaign and the second ‘Glass of Thrones’ has been revealed in Belfast today – at the Waterfront Hall. As season eight of Game of Thrones unfolds, Tourism Ireland will unveil a new window each week at a key location in Belfast, creating a 1.8-mile legacy trail for fans to visit and follow. Epic battles, fire-breathing dragons, ice-blue white walkers and blood-red weddings are set to be immortalised in stained glass, at various locations around Belfast. And, the experience continues online, where Tourism Ireland will ‘unlock’ a new window each week on its website,, allowing fans all over the world to be part of Northern Ireland’s ‘Game of Thrones Territory’. Each ‘Glass of Thrones’ will highlight a key House from the show – and the second window represents the trials and tribulations of House Lannister. From Cersei’s shameful walk of atonement to Tyrion’s vengeance act of patricide, the window represents the fans’ favourite, most shared and most discussed Lannister moments. Tourism Ireland’s first ‘Glass of Thrones’ was revealed last week, opposite the entrance to Belfast City Hall. It pays tribute to House Stark – one of the series' dynasties, based in the harsh northern regions of the fictional Westeros. Other Houses that will be represented over the coming weeks include Baratheon and Targaryen. A new window will be unveiled by Tourism Ireland each week, creating a brand new Game of Thrones pilgrimage for fans to follow in the city where much of the hit show was filmed. #GlassOfThrones #gameofthrones #belfast #niblogger #love #instagood #stainedglass #art #streetart #tag

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