Fun Carpeting ideas for hotels

Those who stay in a hotel for a business trip or vacation look forward to a feeling of luxury and relaxation. All they want to focus on is their work or trip and want to enjoy some days in aesthetically pleasing rooms with high-end amenities. Most hoteliers are aware of the needs of their customers, but there are very few who can actually live up to the customers’ expectations.

Carpets are one easy and effective way to add that luxurious look to any room or its flooring. They create an instant positive impression on the guests when they gaze at the soothingly designed interiors and well-carpeted floors.

Given below are some great ideas on how to use carpeting to enhance the interior of the hotel and make its room more fun and livelier to leave a truly lasting impression on the guests.

Pick from hospitality carpets
For those in the hospitality industry, it is very important to create a top-notch experience with a flawlessly designed room. Thankfully, there is a versatile array of designs and styles available in hospitality carpets that are sure to wow the guests once they step inside the room. Apart from offering an undeniable comfort, the hospitality carpets are known for their amazing acoustic properties.

 Look for the desired lavishness
 Design and quality are no constraints when it comes to carpets for the hospitality industry. Thanks to the advancements in dye-injection technology, today, one can pick from every possible design and colours that can work with the ambiance of their hotel and its rooms.

 Go for contrasts
 A simple and effective way to create a grand room is to opt for a wall-to-wall carpet and in contrasting colours. For example, one can go for a red and white carpet or a blue and ochre or experiment with every possible colour and shade to create that magical impact on the guests.

Use stripes and patterns
 Another fun way to use carpeting is to go for striped designs or any abstract patterns. Today, there are umpteen options available in the market, and all one has to do is make the right choices. One can always give a little extra boost by layering with rugs or sheepskin. These ideas work wonderfully against a classic dark navy or black wall.

 Apply a monochrome look
 Why not have a carpet with softer hues that match the aesthetics of the rest of the room? For example, a carpet in a sandy hue or a neutral tan carpet would create a very elegant and sophisticated look. Likewise, one can embrace a soft pink or powder blue for the carpet, and they can be sure of leaving a lasting impression on their guests.

Whatever design and colours you pick for the hotel rooms, just make sure not to ignore the quality of the carpets. It’s always important to choose carpets that meet the requirements of the maintenance schedule and local conditions. The carpets you pick for flooring of corridors will be different from those used in the rooms. Vacuuming and spot cleaning are a must for routine maintenance.

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