Rescheduling or cancelling interviews because of Coronavirus? No need with FREE MCS Group tech

MCS Group has been leading the way when it comes to providing high-quality, innovative specialist recruitment in Northern Ireland, utilising advanced video technology to help to revolutionise the recruitment efforts of clients. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the local company is currently making its cutting-edge recruitment platform available free of charge to all clients, including for single post campaigns.

In response to the significant increase in enquiries and usage from existing clients, as companies seek to move as much as possible online to minimise the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, MCS Group is making its market leading online recruitment platform widely available to all clients without any fee. This additional service, which is comprehensive and fully compliant, includes help with designing your tailored, streamlined, mobile-friendly process.

Easy to set up, you can deliver a personalised recruitment experience that can be set up and used anywhere, anytime, making it perfect for HR professionals and hiring managers now working from home or needing a solution to combat the risks of on-site interviews.

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Janet Kerrigan, Head of People Success, said “We recognise that client and candidate experience is key to the success of any recruitment campaign. More recently, being able to interview and screen candidates remotely is an important aspect of it. We therefore invested in a product that would deliver a quality solution that can be tailored to the diverse needs, and culture, of the businesses and professionals we work with’.

As an experienced HR professional and hiring manager, Janet anticipates the adoption of such tools as the MCS Group online recruitment platform will have a lasting impact post the current COVID-19 situation. After experiencing the benefits, including earlier face-to-face introductions and an opportunity for candidates to showcase sought-after soft skills, she says, local employers will be reluctant to lose the quality, time and efficiency savings to return to traditional methods. Learn more >>>

Rescheduling or cancelling interviews because of Coronavirus? No need with FREE MCS Group tech

If you’re a business owner, HR or hiring manager, discover how MCS Group’s market leading online recruitment platform can give your company a competitive hiring advantage, now and after the threat of the coronavirus has passed below or get in touch

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