Four reasons why a boarding school might be the perfect option for your child

Choosing your child’s school is the first important decision you make as a parent. From an excellent academic record to a wide range of extracurricular activities and expert pastoral care, you want to be certain that you choose a school in which your child will be very happy and excel. When looking at schools, do not discount boarding schools: long gone are the days of draughty dorm rooms and inedible school dinners, students are now provided with a warm and supportive home away from home. Here are four reasons why a boarding school might be the perfect option for your child.


  1. Expert pastoral guidance

Growing up is difficult for any child, and a huge part of going to school is learning how to deal with different types of people in different social situations. Unfortunately, issues such as bullying might arise, which can have a devastating impact on a child that lasts for years. Staff in modern boarding schools are trained to recognise and deal with any issues that might arise between students, helping them to work through any personal or academic problems that they might be going through. Thanks to this high level of expert pastoral guidance, you can be reassured that your child will be fully supported throughout their time at boarding school.


  1. Provides stability

Your job might involve you working extremely long hours, or regularly moving cities or even countries. This instability can have a huge impact on your child, especially if they regularly have to leave their friends and make new ones when moving. A boarding school like Rugby School Thailand provides your child with much-needed stability whilst you pursue your career. They will be cared for by a familiar group of teachers and make strong, family-like bonds with other students, often from all over the world, which will last a lifetime.


  1. Engaging activities

Thanks to the structure of boarding school, all homework is completed under supervision, meaning students do not leave it until the last minute. However, boarding school is not about non-stop lessons: plenty of fun activities are planned to allow boarders to relax with friends during their free time. Enrichment activities are planned for the evenings, such as sports clubs and reading groups, and many schools limit the use of mobile phones to ensure that students do not use them as a crutch. Weekends are filled with fun leisure activities like trips to the cinema and family visits, meaning that boarders lead a rich, enjoyable school life.


  1. Sense of independence

One of the most obvious benefits of a boarding school education is the sense of independence that boarders develop. Students are not pampered and are expected to help with chores like making their own bed, assisting with the laundry and loading the dishwasher after meals. Students graduate boarding school with a maturity and resilience that perfectly prepares them for the responsibilities of an independent adult life. Also, they will have developed other soft skills that are valuable in the workplace.

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