Florence Welch, barefoot and full of energy rocked the new SSE Arena – This was probably the BEST show I have ever seen! 

Fantastic live performance –  not even missing a note even she sprinted the width of the stage and down one side of the arena. In moments of relative stillness, her vocal is quite remarkable and utterly distinct. The Belfast audience lapped up every second as Florence pirouetted across the stage. Her energy, engaging with the crowd, and appreciation stretch through the entire venue. It was truly a memorable experience

Welch speaks almost comically softly between songs, like a little girl, but when she sings she’s has a powerful voice. Such passion for what she was going. She did everything to make sure it was the most amazing night out for people.

Florence is the Stevie Nicks of our generation. Her live performances rival those of Springsteen in the 70’s. Her energy and talent are unsurpassable. She is quite simply mesmerizing!!

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