Tina Calder Excalibur Press 1

Tina Calder Excalibur Press 1

Content and copywriting specialists, Excalibur Press, is already seeing tremendous benefits by being part of the Ulster Bank Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, helping them move from strength to strength.

The six-month programme is designed to power up entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their business with each hub surrounding entrepreneurs with the right coaching, environment and networking opportunities to take their business much further, much faster.

Excalibur Press is a Belfast based media and publishing agency owned by journalist, author and entrepreneur Tina Calder.  The company provides a range of content, copywriting, publicity and publishing services to a range of businesses from small businesses and entrepreneurs to large corporations and media outlets.

Gordon Merrylees, Managing Director Entrepreneurship, Ulster Bank said “We are delighted to welcome Tina Calder and Excalibur Press on to the programme in Belfast.

“With our unique offering that provides the right environment, coaching and networks, we help entrepreneurs start, scale and succeed every day.”

“We look forward to seeing Tina engage with the programme and grow their business with us.”

Excalibur Press founder Tina said the programme has been “invaluable” to helping her expand her business:

“After 20 years in media, most of them running my own agency I’m absolutely delighted to get the opportunity to work with Ulster Bank on accelerating the business to the next level” she said.

“After just three months on the programme we’ve been able to bring a lot more clarity to our business and our bespoke range of offerings to our growing client base.

“We’ve been really lucky to see our business grow almost immediately and through working with our Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager John Ferris we have developed and delivered new workshops and products to our existing and new client base.

“I couldn’t recommend this programme enough to any small business who want to grow at a rate that can really make a difference.

“We’re also very proud to be working with the team at Ulster Bank to begin the journey of developing an innovative new tech product to market in 2019.”

Speaking about the work Excalibur Press does locally, nationally and internationally Tina added: “When it comes to creating a content strategy for your business most people  and companies are held back by a variety of things that can include everything from a lack of time, skills and resources to being unsure of where to start, what to do or not having a cohesive strategy that suits their particular needs, budgets and resources.

“Excalibur Press work with companies and/or marketing, PR and advertising professionals to help not only create a short term and long term content strategy but also to aid companies navigating the interesting world of ideas generation as well as looking at realistic aims and objectives when it comes to communicating with clients or customers.”

Utilising her team of 12 writers ranging from experienced journalists, marketeers and public relation consultants to authors, creative writers, screenwriters, bloggers and commentators, Tina said Excalibur Press specialise in “helping our clients communicate their voice in a tone and style that suits their brand we can work with them and their teams to create awareness for their product, service or brand.”


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