Ever fancied joining a viking army? Now you can… 8,000 extras needed

Looking for some extra work? ‘Vikings’ need 8,000 extras for filming in Ireland


Newstalk reports that Vikings, the hugely successful History Channel production that is filmed in Ireland, has announced a casting call to find a minimum of 8,000 extras to work on its forthcoming season, which will be filmed here.

The Canadian/Irish production recently began its third season and will begin filming the fourth in Ireland in April. The producers have today announced they are looking for extras to take part, and the selection process will be held in Dublin, at the Film Base in Temple Bar, and at the Grand Hotel, Abbey St, in Wicklow.

The work is casual and temporary, but with 8,000 spots to fill it would appear you’ll have a good chance of getting the call sometime between April and December, when filming wraps up.


Those interested can attend the open casting days, with the events page on theVikings Extras Facebook page offering the following advice to applicants turning up to stake a claim.

  • They are mainly looking for adults aged 16+
  • People from all ethnic backgrounds are required
  • You do not need an appointment
  • You only need attend one day of auditions
  • Each person who attends will fill out an application and have a photo taken
  • The process will take roughly 20 minutes
  • When you head along, have your measurements to hand. E.g. Height, chest, dress, shoe size etc. (You’ll need them for the application form)
  • No need to bring a CV or headshots, but the team will accept them if you do have them with you
  • There’s a long list of specific skills and appearances they’re looking for, including: Fishermen, carpenters, skilled swords people, bowmen and women, ship hands, Latin speakers, tree surgeons, and males with long hair and beards (you can find a full list of these – and there are plenty more – on the Vikings Extras Facebook page).

Full listing

There will be 3 x Extras Open Casting days in 2015 – 2 days will be held in Dublin and 1 day will be held in Wicklow. Details are below


FILMBASE, Curved St, Temple Bar, D2

Tuesday 31st March 2015 between 9.30am -4.30pm

Wednesday 1st April 2015 between 9.30am – 5pm


The Grand Hotel, Abbey St, Wicklow Town

Tuesday 7th April between 10am – 6pm

Check out the Vikings Extras Facebook page for more information





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  1. I’m older, 48, Ex military, with a young face. Check me out. Cpl lance Graham Assault Troop. google images, link Vancouver Sun. also have Swedish ancestory.

  2. Hi I have loads of drama experience and have fought in viking reenactment. .can I be a shield maiden please !!

  3. I only love it 2 b in 1 of my favourite programs.. I’m always watching movies r programs dat r set bk 100 years so d sword fighting wud b a problem 🙂

  4. Hello there, I would love to take part in the tidings event. Please, do not hesitate to contact me on 0872368999. Kind Regards, Dalibor Maksimovic

  5. Why do you think Vikings Settled in Scotland and Northern Ireland. = Quartz Rocks Which means GOLD. That why the Romans came to Britten & whales..its true folks

  6. Would love to be an extra.IT would be a first from me to do anything like this.I really love the programme and have watched it from the start..I look fit and train hard, example, 17 tough guy races in a row.mountain bike up and down snowdon ,ex forces and much more…Just a brief about me. Many thanks paul

  7. this seems to good to be true, but would be awesome! do i have to come for the audition or is it possible to apply with photos and a cv?

  8. Id love to be in this I absolutely live for these type of tings think id look the part to I was in reenactment be for for st Patricks day parade now my way around swords all types of weapons especially a brown axeI collect weaponry iv have been waiting for a chance like this since I waa a kid soon as I saw brave heart I got hooked on midevil times ans the history of warriors such as the vikings can’t wait till Tuesday for it to start

  9. Will it be shot on film or is it a video,(Red Camera, etc)? If it’s a video, why bother? I’m shooting 16mm and 35 mm if you want to do a real movie.

  10. Hi Everyone!
    I would love to be a part of this amazing adventure,but unfortunately i live in Sweden,i have experience from both Films and Commercials,I wich all the people auditioning all the best and im looking forward to see the new episodes of Vikings!
    Sincerely Therese

  11. My fathers family go back 2,000+vikings my maiden name is Carlsen the original name is karlson I look very Nordic so do my brother and sisters my father was extremely handsome looking viking man very distinguished he came from royalty I would love to be a part of this.

    • the summer of 1013 sailed the Danish Viking king Sweyn Forkbeard against England with a formidable invading army. The goal was to overthrow the anglosaxiske King Ethelred and conquer islands.
      When the Scandinavian fleet landed in North East England Ethelred fled to Normandy and over power to Sven Forkbeard. The Danish king had among others, joined by his second eldest son, 18-year-old knot.
      Forkbeard was sitting just a few months on the throne before he died the following winter. His eldest son Harold was crowned king of Denmark. The younger brother, Knut, was at that time the head of his dead father’s invasion force but was now ready to inherit the throne of England.
      Before Knut had time to take the English throne returned, however, the dethroned Ethelred with a large army to reconquer their lost kingdom.
      The brother gave its fleet
      Young Knut had no choice but to flee to Denmark. He contacted his big brother in the hope that the two brothers could reign Denmark together, but Harald said no:

  12. å sommaren år 1013 seglade den danske vikinga­kungen Sven Tveskägg mot England med en väldig invasionsarmé. Målet var att störta den anglosaxiske kungen Ethelred II och erövra öriket.
    När den skandinaviska flottan gick i land i nordöstra England flydde Ethelred till Normandie och överlämnade makten åt Sven Tveskägg. Den danske kungen hade bl a sällskap av sin näst äldste son: 18-årige Knut.
    Tveskägg satt bara några månader på tronen innan han följande vinter avled. Hans äldste son Harald kröntes till kung av Danmark. Den yngre brodern, Knut, gick på den tiden i spetsen för sin döde fars invasionsstyrka men var nu redo att ärva tronen i England.
    Innan Knut hann inta den engelska tronen återvände emellertid den detroniserade ­Ethelred med en stor armé för att återerövra sitt förlorade kungadöme.
    Brodern skänkte sin flotta
    Unge Knut hade inget annat val än att fly till Danmark. Han tog kontakt med sin storebror i hopp om att de båda bröderna skulle kunna regera Danmark tillsammans, men Harald sade nej:

  13. What a bunch of idiots… You can only apply at the auditions… Just goes to show what the average intellect is these days!

  14. The Sir name ( Hall ) is a Viking name which means the large house where the Vikings lived they were the “Hall Clan” Real vikings which settled in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

  15. I’m in it already so for the people who want a shot of been an extra need to read the link and show up to the interviews. Simple as that.

  16. I am considering to participate in the movie as I do extras jobs in London. I need to take in to account all costs (travel for casting etc…) . Could anyone post how much do they pay please. Thank you.

  17. Hello would like to take part as an extra….I can look and act the part no problem…let me know thanks can send you pics scandanavian descendent

  18. A viking?
    I’m 55 a Swedish that are also fluent in english and german languages.
    I’m 1,73 cm hight and 80 kg normal built, blue eye.
    Unfortunatly my hair have not that thick blond long as it once was but a wig and its solved.
    I’m used to travel over sea, I can ride horsers and manage to swing axes or swords.

    Most Vikings wasn’t that big but unafraid warriors known for not giving in on a fight.

  19. Canadian with a passport, semiretired bearded 54 year old with direct family in Preston UK, Great Grandmother 5 x back, left Norway for the new world – her name was Rugna Anderson. It would be something to represent that side of the family.

  20. Maybe far too late to offer myself as an extra, but would love to be part of this.
    I am 6ft 2, shaved head very full wild greying beard,
    Can be there if needed?

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