Take the next creative step no matter what your age with Eve Earley

Consultant and coach Eve Earley is launching a unique course ‘It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again’ to help people take the next step in life whether they’re in their mid-30s or over 50.

Over 12 weeks participants who are looking for a career or lifestyle change will learn how to unlock their creative potential supported by Eve and their peers through each step.

Eve is renowned for her work in helping individuals and small businesses discover what they can achieve, enhance their creativity and help them identify and take the next step in their lives.

Eve Earley

“There’s no such thing as a mid-life crisis when you are in touch with where you’ve been and where you’re going” said Eve. “By midlife we’ve learned what we want and what we don’t want. We’ve all tried to change our lifestyle, habits and attitudes, but this course gives structure to making changes in step-by-step ways that guide and support to adopt the tools you’ll need now and in the future. This is the foundation of resilience and opens the door to new and exciting achievements.”

The course opens with a free-of charge session to introduce the tools on Wednesday, September 6th, before the main sessions begin at the Thinking Cup Café on Belfast’s Lisburn Road. Eve is encouraging people to go along, even if they don’t think they’re ready for a facilitated group or course.

Eve has partnered with local publisher, Excalibur Press to offer attendees a 10% discount on course fees.

Owner of Excalibur Press, Tina Calder said: “Eve Earley is a highly qualified coach and business consultant.  While the content of these sessions are based on the book ‘It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again’ by Julia Cameron, Eve has a unique way of motivating and inspiring attendees to stick by the process and delve deeper.

“Her positive and enthusiastic approach to the content will not only pick apart the contents of the book but she will offer her own experience and insight whilst helping attendees discover a new set of goals, ambitions and dreams as they move forward in their life.”

Whether you are looking for a career change, staring at an ‘empty nest’ or contemplating retirement Eve said: “It’s Never Too Late… is a course with proven record of success. Based on the work of award-winning author, Julia Cameron, it is an invitation to bring on a great second or third act, next life stage or whatever.”

To register for the FREE session log onto www.excaliburpress.co.uk/store/products.

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