Ways Electronics Affect Your Sleep and Health

Many of us use electronic devices every night, such as computers, phones, or televisions, when we go to bed. These items emit pulses of light, which mimic the natural light of the sun. This enables us to sleep in the darkness, as well as to remain in a dark room without the possibility of coming into contact with unfamiliar light. While this may be beneficial for sleep, the impact of electromagnetic pulses on our health is unclear. In addition, most of these devices generate their electromagnetic fields, making them potentially dangerous for long-term exposure.

It seems that more people these days are having trouble with their sleep, either because of the electronics they are using in their bedroom or because they are not getting enough sleep. This can make for a difficult night’s sleep and if you are asking yourself “how are electronics affecting our sleep” then you may need to rewire your home to get rid of some of the electronics that you are not happy with.

How Electronic Is Affecting Our Health And Sleep

The effects of electronic devices on sleep and circadian rhythms were first investigated about ten years ago. Since then, there have been several studies focusing on how they can affect our sleeping patterns. Unfortunately, most of these studies have focused on the short-term effects of exposure, rather than the long-term. This has made it difficult to determine whether these devices are truly disrupting our normal sleep patterns or whether we’re simply becoming accustomed to them and not realizing the danger.

One of the most common effects of electronics is that they can cause our sleep cycles to be unbalanced. For instance, when we are watching television in bed we often do not pay attention to how we are feeling physically. When we are stressed or feeling tired we tend to get out of bed quickly and dozing off is easier because we do not have to think about how our body is feeling. A good night’s sleep is something that everyone should be able to enjoy, especially when we can do so without worrying about how our body feels the next day.

In general, there are five ways electronic devices are affecting our sleep and body clock.

  • First, these electrical pulses can cause an individual’s melatonin levels to fall below normal. The lack of melatonin can disrupt the body’s internal clock, which in turn can lead to difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • Secondly, continuous exposure to these devices over a long period can cause the delicate electronic components to fail.
  • Excessive exposure to electromagnetic pulses can also affect a person’s blood pressure, muscle tone, and heart rate. This can lead to irregular heart rhythm and even arrhythmias in some individuals.
  • Lastly, prolonged exposure to these devices can change the brain chemistry and stimulate certain brain functions such as learning and memory. This can result in improved mental performance during the day and an increased chance of having a good night’s sleep at night.

Ways To Detach From the Electronics And Have A Proper Sleep

Our bodies naturally sleep well when we are relaxed and our minds are free of stress and concerns. Unfortunately, most people today spend an inordinate amount of time glued to TVs, computer monitors, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets. How can we make sure that we do not become slaves to our gadgets?

  • First, avoid focusing on your gadget during your nightly sleep. To sleep soundly, your brain must be focused on something else. The TV, computer monitor, and cell phone should be off. If you are watching something while you are sleeping, your body will simply become aware that it’s time for sleep and that you need to let go. You can start by banishing all screens from the bedroom.
  • The second way of “disengaging from electronics and sleeping better” involves finding better places to relax. Instead of staying in front of the television or front of your PC, find a quiet spot to read, meditate or just sit and relax. By doing so, you will be opening your body up to more oxygen and allowing it to revitalize itself.
  • The third way of “detaching from electronics and sleeping better” is to clear your mind before you go to bed. Try to think about positive things that will help you sleep, such as relaxing images, soothing music, or just deep breathing. This will allow your body to relax and doze off properly.
  • The fourth and last of the ways of “detaching from electronics and sleeping better” is to drink more water. Not only does this help your body to relax, but it also flushes out your system making way for better sleep at night. Eight glasses of water a day is recommended. Not only is it good for your health, but it will also keep you from feeling fatigued in the morning.

Also, changing the looks of the bedroom can help a great deal in improving your condition of sleep and health. You can change the interior of your room. You can find the best bedroom colors that are soothing to your eyes or you can also add pillow shams to bring a decorating touch to your bed. You should do whatever it takes to detach yourself from the electronic gadgets and get a night of natural sleep.


When considering how electronic devices are affecting our sleep, it is important to remember that the effects are mostly felt over time. For instance, the melatonin levels in the body will likely decrease over time, which means an individual will have a less responsive sleep pattern. Another concern is that prolonged exposure to these pulses can alter the way our brains process information and affect our mental health. Overall, it is important to avoid using these products to reduce the impact they can have on our sleep patterns.

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