Domino’s delivers ‘Easy Order’ bot to Facebook Messenger

Domino's Facebook Messenger


Domino’s has today launched a new innovation to make ordering easier than ever – a bot called ‘Dom’ on Facebook Messenger.  Dom is an artificially intelligent customer whiz designed to help super fans get their #1 fix of cheesy food heaven simply by messaging the word “PIZZA” to ‘Dom’ via Messenger.

Domino’s is one of the first brands to use the Messenger platform in this way, allowing pizza lovers to request a freshly handmade delivery – perfect for those times when only a Domino’s will do!


The how

To order a pizza through ‘Dom’ couldn’t be quicker: Domino’s aficionados just need to follow these four simple steps:


1)      Set up an Easy Order account at – list a delivery address or if you’d prefer, in-store collection

2)      Pair it with a Facebook account

3)      Head over to Messenger

4)      Message ‘PIZZA’ to Dom to place the order


The tech

Domino’s has taken advantage of state-of-the-art technology unveiled at the F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference, earlier this year.  This move means that the artificially intelligent ‘Dom’ can come to the rescue for customers signed up to ‘Easy Order’ when hunger hits – and fast!


The birth of ‘Dom’ on Messenger is just the latest in a long list of pioneering innovations from Domino’s, with recent highlights such as:


  • Easy Order – lets users order a tasty slice via Apple Watch or online (#1 order Pepperoni Passion)
  • Legends – customers can design their bespoke pizza by selecting from a range of quality ingredients, before publishing them online in the Legends Hall of Fame (30,900 app downloads to date)


What’s next?


Nick Dutch Head of Digital at Domino’s comments:


“We’re delighted to allow our customers to order direct from Messenger – with 1B monthly active people using Messenger each month – it’s the obvious choice for Domino’s.  We want to make ordering our freshly handmade pizza as easy as possible so we’re always on the look-out for new ways in which we can do this.  Just message pizza – or send an emoji.  It really couldn’t be easier. What’s next? That’d be telling. Pizza on the moon perhaps…  Now that would be something!”