Are you looking to expand, perhaps open an online store take another shop?has bank said no? we advance £ based on your card turnover alone.


Working capital for your business


Retail Finance provides you with the working capital necessary to help your business grow and expand. You can obtain a working capital advance within 10 days to be used for any business purpose.


How does it work?


Retail Finance NI specialises in unsecured business loans and business cash advances for small businesses in Belfast, Northern Ireland based on their credit and debit card sales history.  We can provide your business with working capital ranging from £3,500 to £200,000.  And we can do that, from application to funding, in as few as 10 business days!


Businesses we help


  • Restaurants, pubs, hotels
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Independent garages
  • Retailers
  • Dentists
  • Other service businesses



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