Difficulty In The Bedroom? 30 Minutes Of Running Was Found To Give Men Improved Sex Lives

Sexual troubles are inevitable and from time to time even men who are generally fit and healthy can experience that. While there might already be some methods that you have tried so you can improve your sex life, it might be time to consider adding running to the recipe. This is because apart from the known benefits of running when it comes to building your strength and stamina, running also has incredible benefits that contribute to your sex life.

Running gets you in the mood

Feeling low from time to time is natural and sometimes cannot be avoided. Negativity, which can be brought about by several unfortunate situations, has a significant impact on your sex drive. Fortunately, however, running can turn things around and greatly improve your mood for the better. Running is a natural antidepressant and when you are doing this physical activity, your body produces endocannabinoids, which helps in stimulating the pleasure receptors of your brain. As a result, you will end up feeling more positive and having more energy, which can largely benefit you under the sheets at the end of the day.

Running is like a chemical soup for the brain because it boosts endorphins which are contributors to the natural feeling of euphoria. Running also releases other hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin helps promote feelings of happiness and overall well-being while dopamine helps induce excitement and arousal. 

Running is a confidence booster

Having a low self-esteem can negatively impact many aspects of your life, and that includes your sex life. The reason behind this is that if you are not happy with your body image or physical appearance, there is a possibility that it will become apparent during intercourse. It can be that you get easily distracted or disengaged because you feel somehow embarrassed or awkward about how you look. This lack of confidence can take a toll on your performance. According to an article in the EHT-journal, you may take supplements to gain the confidence that you will be able to perform well in bed. While pills and medications are proven to be effective, running has the capability to help you with this anxiety as well. Studies say that when you run, the activity in your frontal cortex cognition function is relaxed, which in turn also lets your overall body to relax and focus more on having pleasure, rather than being anxious.

Running can increase sexual desire because of the confidence that a person feels after running. There are even studies that show that running is a natural and potent aphrodisiac, with men driven by the energy the boost they feel after this physical exercise. This energy level makes them feel confident and strong, resulting in a heightened libido. As a result, runners feel more confident in the bedroom because they feel good about their bodies and their ability to perform. This confidence often translates into an ultimate sexual experience where they feel free and comfortable.

Running fights sexual dysfunction

There are certain health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases or high cholesterol levels that can cause sexual dysfunctions. More often than not, these diseases are caused by a lack of physical activity. When you are suffering from certain ailments, there is a great chance that sex will be the last thing on your mind. A simple running routine will help you steer clear from these particular health conditions that may lead to sexual dysfunctions. Research has found that physical activities help you control your cholesterol levels or regulate your blood sugar levels in case you have diabetes. As a result, you are guaranteed of an improved sex life.

Overall, running greatly improves your heart health and increases your overall blood circulation, which is necessary for a sustained erection. There are studies that show that men who often run experience better orgasms and increased level of satisfaction. In addition to this, being in shape in general is beneficial along with an improved stamina and muscle strength.

Running boosts your testosterone level

The level of your testosterone plays a significant role in terms of your masculinity. It is also responsible for your sex drive, sperm quality, as well as fertility. While a certain drop in your testosterone level is inevitable as you age starting from your 30s, you can boost it by running. Through cardiovascular exercises such as running, your hormone secretion is regulated.

When your testosterone level is adequate, you will have no problem with your libido or sex drive, even if you are currently taking maintenance medicines for certain medical conditions such as antidepressants. These maintenance medications often lower the sex drive of an individual, but a 30-minute run prior to having sex greatly reduces the negative effects of these medicines. Rather, a man experiences heightened libido after a good run and this effect extends to people who are not under any medication. This is because as the testosterone level of a man shoots up, so is his libido, translating to a better sex after a good run.

In parallel, you are more inclined to have a good night’s rest after an evening run. An adequate amount of sleep is necessary for testosterone production, preparing you for another physical night under the covers. There is also a great chance that you are more conscious of what you eat after you run and exercise. This will greatly prevent excess fat or even obesity, which also impedes your body’s capability to produce testosterone.


Final Word

30 minutes of running definitely can improve a man’s sex life and prompt an immediate libido boost. However, it is important to keep in mind that anything in excess is also not beneficial. Too much running can also cause some damaging effects on your sexual desires such as testosterone drops or cortisol peaks, which can destroy your libido. Thus, in parallel with running, keep in mind to get enough rest. When you know that you are fit and healthy, you will start feeling really good and performing well in bed.


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