There’s a new gin in town and it’s called Copeland!

Review by Lynne:


Copeland gin has launched its handcrafted naturally infused premium gin in Northern Ireland

An innovative crowdfunding campaign raised over £30,000 to get the project up and running. As a gin enthusiast, I was quick to get on board and made an investment. I have been closely watching developments ever since.

This artisan gin is handcrafted in Saintfield. Premium gin is infused with fresh, locally grown fruit and hand turned every few days. Two unique ginfusions have been created, Rhuberry (rhubarb and blackberry) and Raspberry & Mint

I felt a personal involvement when I rocked up to Stokers Halt in Belfast last night for the launch party and was excited to finally get to to sample the gin.  Hoardes of people were there to join the fun , all anxious to try their first taste.   There were four drinks options available, a Rhuberry G&T, a Fizzy Rascal, Raspberry & Mint G&T and the Raspberry & Mint Copeland Collins.  With some pride, I checked out my name of the founders wall and truly felt part of the new brand along with many other supporters.

At 37.8% proof, Copeland gin packs quite a punch and I love the fresh fruity flavours, both as a simple G&T and as a cocktail.  Whether you are a gin lover like me, or are simply looking for an alternative to your usual drink, you should give these a try. I reckon you will love then…