Cool Ways to Decorate a Motocross Themed Room

Men perceive their room as a sanctuary where they can retreat and leave all their problems behind. Well, at least for one day. This is a place where they are not afraid to be themselves.

Most guys adore motorcycles which many women often don’t understand. To them, they are intimidating and potentially life-threatening. So, if you are not thrilled with the idea of your boyfriend, son, or brother having a motorcycle, you can at least be okay with him having a motocross themed room.

It is going to be a space where he has a saying in terms of decorating it. All other parts of the house can be decorated by you, but this one, in particular, must be stylized to meet his demands. If you want to turn any room into a motocross-inspired space, then give these suggestions a chance!

Main Color

Usually, this is the perfect time to try out your favorite colors, still, since you’ve already chosen a particular sub-theme for this room, it’s hard to apply it. Why is that? Well, it’s because every sub-theme comes with its own set of different colors.

All of them should be used. For instance, if you opt for an off-road theme, then it would be great to use muddy colors or dark brown to complement the look. On the other hand, if jumping stunts are your choice, then people normally go for blue or white color.

Additionally, a race theme often has a multicolored palette. It’s because the racers always wear suits in different colors. Now, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to see what is the best option, just keep in mind that everything needs to be perfectly coordinated.

In this case, it’s of great relevance to pick the main color for the bedroom and focus on one spectrum of shade that you want to utilize. If you’re still not sure about it, then you can choose the sub-themes’ palette.

Sheets and Covers

Since Christmas is just around the corner and you want to surprise him with a special, yet affordable gift, then the best choice, in that case, is high-quality beddings. Innovative decorators at VisionBedding think that it would be great if you changed all his beddings into a lovely bike design set. If you wish to surprise him, you can do that while he is at work/school or anywhere else.

There are a lot of places where you can acquire the printed motocross bedspreads. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be purchasing a rider on a motorcycle, or a life-size picture, he is going to be blown away once he realizes that his sheets, covers, and pillowcases are all motocross-printed.


Most men/boys love their room to be as masculine as possible, so the best choices, in that case, are darker colors that we previously mentioned, like black, dark brown, grey, cognac, etc. Now, when it comes to materials, opt for the ones that are natural.

Materials like leather, old bricks, copper, or distressed wood are probably the best choices. Namely, all of them are very durable, resilient, and age naturally, so you will not be forced to call a contractor all the time. Objects like mugs, carpets, or rugs are also things that should be part of his room.

Curtains and Rugs

Speaking of rugs, find those that have riders on bikes or roads printed on them. And when it comes to curtains, window treatments are a perfect way to get interesting prints of motocross on the wall.

Now, if you are not able to find anything in particular that matches his taste, then you can always choose a black, brown, white, or grey design, such as the starter flag. Moreover, treat prints might also be a good alternative. You can find a variety of different innovative prints in the fabric shop nearby. 

Frame Up Pictures

Taking pictures is great when you wish to capture a certain, special moment, so once that is done, you can always hand them on the wall. So, if your guy was having motocross training, practices, or even competitions, you have probably taken a bunch of great pictures of him.

So, why wouldn’t you use them as part of your decorations? They are going to make him so happy and feel very special. To put these decorations to the next level, ensure to utilize old and small tires as photo frames. 

More Decoration Pieces

If you want your guy to remember these special moments, you should do that by decorating his room in a way that is going to perfectly represent his personality and love for these vehicles. So, you can, for instance, bring his motorcycle for display because this is such a cool idea and it amazingly showcases his interests.

On the other hand, you can also utilize some old bike parts and put them on the walls, or if he has a leather jacket, you can hang it too. All of these ornaments are going to remind him of how cool his “hobby” actually is. Besides them, you can also place a helmet that he doesn’t use anymore. 

Wall Stickers and Murals 

One of the best, and certainly the easiest ways to add some wall art into the room is by applying a wall sticker or murals on the wall. Fortunately, there are so many interesting shapes and sizes to choose from.

You can even combine them to get something innovative and unique. For examle, you can mix a track with motocross riders to get a still life of a very demanding race. If you’re creative, you can always combine these with interesting text decals to get an entertaining and funny saying. Now, if something more personal is your cup of tea, opt for a mural of motocross and implement dirt bikes, as well as roads, trees, and hills. 

Who doesn’t want to have a cool, unique motocross room decor? Any man who disagrees with this has obviously never seen how great it can be. With a few steps and a little bit of effort, a classic, ordinary bedroom can be turned into the coolest luxury place in the world.

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