Common Causes of Oral Problems

Oral health is a big part of the overall health of an individual. All of us have sparkling white teeth and healthy gums when we are kids. But most of us develop one or the other oral problems as we grow old because of poor dietary intake and improper oral care. Insufficient oral hygiene can lead to many oral problems and diseases. These include cavities, stains, gum diseases, and odors. In this article, we shall learn about the most common causes of oral problems experienced by the people. 

To talk about the causes leading to the most common oral problems is jumping the gun. It is a good idea to know a little bit about these common oral problems. 

  • Swelling of Gums and Bleeding
  • Toothaches
  • Sensitivity towards cold and hot food items and beverages
  • Tooth cavities
  • Swollen cheeks and face because of toothache
  • Crooked teeth
  • Bad odors
  • Stains on teeth
  • Loose teeth causing pain during chewing and biting

Most people approach doctors with the oral problems mentioned above. Dentists at believe that most of these common oral problems are caused by poor oral hygiene and poor eating habits. They also say that most of these problems and diseases can be avoided by simply brushing and flossing daily and by adopting good eating habits. Regular checkups and visits to dentists also play an important role in keeping away these common oral problems. 

Most Common Causes of Oral Problems and Disease

Poor Dietary Intake

Poor eating habits are the number one reason behind most of the common oral problems including cavities and tooth decay. While adults hold the habit of eating chocolates and candies responsible for cavities in the teeth of their small kids, you will be surprised to know that nearly 100% of adults have these tiny holes on the surface of their teeth. Bacteria residing inside our mouths feed on the starchy and sugary foods eaten by us. The protective layer on teeth called enamel is gradually deteriorated because of this munching by bacteria, leading to tiny holes called cavities. Developing healthy eating habits is one way to avoid oral problems. 

Cavities are a result of the food that we consume. Normally it is not possible to brush your teeth or do flossing after eating something or drinking a beverage. Sugary and starchy substances eaten through the day become delicious food for the bacteria later on. These bacteria first cause damage to the enamel and later these cavities turn into a bigger problem called tooth decay. Besides sugary and starchy foods and beverages, cavities are caused by the bad habit of smoking

Kids develop cavities not just because of their habit of eating candies but also because they are unable to take good care of oral hygiene. Adults develop cavities because they choose to continue with poor eating and drinking habits. It is prudent to contact a qualified dentist as soon as symptoms of cavities such as holes, sensitivity, toothache, stains, and pain when biting and chewing are experienced. 

Poor Brushing and Flossing Habits

Everyone knows how important it is to brush teeth twice daily and floss them once daily. Both these techniques of cleaning teeth and gums are needed daily to keep away common oral problems. Teeth stains, bad breath, and in particular the problem of gingivitis where one experiences swollen gums and gum bleeding are a direct result of improper brushing and flossing.  Plaque builds on the surface of the teeth and gums in the absence of proper brushing and flossing. The patient experiences swollen gums and even bleeding from gums when he or she tries to brush or floss. Most of the patients of gingivitis are kids but adults having the habit of chewing tobacco and those who do not brush or floss teeth daily experience symptoms of this gum disease. The only remedy to this problem is to pay a visit to a qualified dentist to get the plaque removed from your teeth and gums. Afterward, you need to do brushing and flossing daily to avoid swollen gums and bleeding gums. 

Consuming Too Hot or Too Cold Foods and Beverages

Some individuals report sudden pain in their teeth that erupts whenever they try to eat hot or cold food items and beverages. Sensitive teeth or gums are a very common problem reported by a large number of men and women to their dentists. Dentists call it dentin hypersensitivity and give painkillers to patients to deal with the sudden pain or discomfort they experience with too hot and cold foods. Some of the most common reasons why some people experience teeth sensitivity are as follows. 

  • Gums that are receding
  • Cracks in teeth
  • Gingivitis
  • Wear and tear of crowns and fillings
  • A very thin film of enamel

Those who have not experienced the oral problem of teeth sensitivity cannot realize the kind of pain and discomfort that is accompanied by the consumption of very hot and very cold beverages. Thankfully, there is an easy way to deal with this problem of teeth sensitivity. Pay a visit to your dentists when you experience pain or discomfort from eating cold or hot food items. He will find out the root cause of the problem and treat you accordingly. 

Smoking and Chewing of Tobacco

Smoking is a habit that is injurious to your health. This stern warning message is written on cigarette packets but it does not deter people from smoking. Another bad habit that leads to oral cancers is chewing tobacco. Oral cancers are of many different kinds such as lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, and even the floor of the mouth. Chewing tobacco and smoking are found to be the reasons behind the vast majority of cases of oral cancers. 

Your mouth is designed to enjoy foods and beverages. You must take proper oral care through brushing of teeth and flossing to avoid common oral problems. You must avoid consuming too hot and too cold foods and beverages and also say no to smoking and tobacco. If you still experience symptoms of oral problems, you should pay a visit to a qualified dentist to get proper treatment. 

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