Co Fermanagh store’s comical Black Friday video goes viral

Centra Derrylin Black Friday video

McDade’s Centra, Derrylin, Co Fermanagh supported by Musgrave Retail Partners, has found itself in the middle of the Black Friday frenzy, having created a humorous viral video which has been viewed by over one million people around the world.

As Northern Ireland woke up to scenes filmed on camera phones of anxious shoppers racing for their Black Fridaybargains, Centra Derrylin’s store owner Aidan McDade and manager Garvan McGlinchy were already planning how to promote their very own Black Friday offer.

To add a fun element to the offer, both Aidan and Garvan created their very own Black Friday video showing regular customers scrambling for their store deal of a pack of Clementine oranges for £1.

After posting the video onto the store’s Facebook page on Friday afternoon, it instantly started to grab people’s attention with its tongue-in-cheek style and to date has received 1.3 million views.

Speaking of the success of the video, owner of Centra Derrylin, Aidan McDade said: “We wanted to join in on the on the Black Friday frenzy but wanted to do it with a humorous approach, so we decided to put a spin on the videos that were showing people fighting over items by creating our own version with some of our regular customers and staff.

“Since posting the video on Friday it has received millions of views which we didn’t expect at all, we now have followers on our Facebook page from Poland, Canada and Singapore. It has also created a real buzz around Enniskillen and among our staff and customers,” he continued.



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