Cinema Review: The Hunt

“The Hunt” which is loosely based upon Richard Connells 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game”.

The film begins with 12 strangers who wake to find themselves in field. Little do they know they have actually been chosen to be hunted by a group of hierarchical elites.

These “hunters” soon find themselves being hunted themselves by one of the kidnapped strangers Crystal (Betty Gilpin).

Crystal starts by killing the hunters of one by one. The film gives reference to the human sacrifice we see in such films like “The Hungry Games” however “The Hunt” isn’t exactly an evenings worth of elevating film entertainment.

Generally the film is filled which some poignant actors however were given the “Game of Thrones” affect as they’re all killed of quite instantly. With some laughs here and there “The Hunt” ultimately devolves into numbing violence and tired clichés.

2.5 stars

The Hunt

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