Is your child ready for their first pair of walking shoes? Visit Inn Shoes

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Children learn to walk by gripping their toes on the ground, and they don’t need arch support. So at home, it’s okay to leave your child barefoot to promote natural foot development. However, when surfaces are uneven, hot, cold or rocky, shoes should be worn to protect their little feet.

Watching my baby boy taking his  first steps was one of the proudest moments a parent feels. — though things do tend to get a little more hectic since he is mobile!

Numerous types of shoes are on the market, but which ones are best for supporting my new walker?
I love shoes but I am picky about them.  I want them to comfortable, good quality, and stylish.  The comfortable part is especially important when it comes to my sons shoes because he just found his feet and it is so important to get the  right pair of shoes for him. Because their feet are forming and growing and I want to give him the best support.  Before you lunge online to order your new walkers first shoes — start with knowing the right size.

So I took a trip to an actual kids’ shoe store “Inn Shoes” on the Saintfield Road and had my sons feet measured by a trained specialist. Noelle was very professional and knew everything about shoes and babies so I just felt relaxed and knew we are in a good hands.

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So what is it a good fit you would ask? Noelle first of all checked  that my sons big toe has enough wiggle room (about a half-inch from the tip of the shoe) and that there’s no pinching on the heel or sides.
It is  really important to find shoes that fit properly when your baby learning to walk–otherwise, he could stumble more and take longer to develop the skill.

We selected GEOX as I always love their style and as we were heading on holiday in a couple days we needed good walking shoe and a breathable sole would be best.

Noelle selected a lovely pair of geox respira trainers with a flashing lights my son loved it! children’s GEOX shoes are all created from carefully selected materials with a patented breathable system which were designed with children’s feet ensure their well being and comfort.

If anyone is looking to buy their baby or kids shoes please consider going to Inn Shoes and supporting the small business owner.  Noelle is so patient and knowledgeable.  She is really passionate about what she does and makes it such a pleasant experience for both mom and little one.

Free parking and easy access. I look forward to shopping at this store in the future


The shoes were perfect for our beach holiday and even after four weeks still look brand new!

My husband and I are delighted to take Inn Shoes under new management and aim to provide good fitting and fashionable shoes at a reasonable price whether you want an everyday shoe or something special.

Now, as the proud new owners of Inn Shoes we are very excited to bring you a ‘new look’ to the store with a wide variety of new brands with shoes that are fashionable, different and most importantly fit well. Staff are experienced and trained in shoe fitting and cater for your child’s needs whether their feet are narrow, broad or somewhere in the middle. We are also experienced in catering for those with orthopaedic insoles and hope to provide you with a service that you will keep coming back for. Importantly, if we do not have the size you require on the day we will aim to have it instore within 1 week to avoid disappointment.

Our extended range of back to school shoes this year will provide light relief and delight! With brands such as Start-rite, GEOX, Hush Puppies, Biomecanics and Kickers in a variety of styles to suit all tastes.

Our range of shoes start at pre-walker stage right up to teenage years with adult sizes extending to some brands such as Converse, Kickers, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and GEOX. If it is choice you desire whilst avoiding the stress of town, Inn Shoes is the destination with ample FREE parking at the rear of the building.

If you are in need of new shoes, we want to extend a warm welcome to you at the NEW Inn Shoes!

Inn Shoes – 61a Saintfield Road, Belfast BT8 7HL