Celebrity Big Brother is back! (@bbuk) Fri, 9pm, Channel 5

With yet another series of Celebrity Big Brother looming on the horizon, who’s looking likely to join the house this time? Do you care?

It only seems like five minutes since Charlotte Crosby emerged from the Celebrity Big Brother house as the winner of the latest series – but over at Channel 5 they’re gearing up to do it all over again.

Yes, a fresh batch of random names will be getting their 2014 off to a flying start by entering the house on Friday January 3 – and as usual rumours of who you might be watching over those cold, bleak, post-Christmas nights are starting to hot up.

Here’s who’s reported to be in the running this time around:

Celebrity Big Bro 2014: Who's rumoured for the house?
Will Katie Price finally give in to speculation and join the Celebrity Big Brother house? (Picture: Getty Images)

Katie Price

The model and some time star of numerous ITV2 ‘fly-on-the-wall’ documentaries has long been tipped as a prime candidate for the Celebrity Big Brother house – and many people seem to think this may be the series when she finally bites the bullet and joins the line-up.

Chances of it happening: The lady herself has personally denied it on Twitter, pointing out: ‘I am not doing Big Brother as people keep saying.’ So that’s that then. However we can’t help thinking it’s only a matter of time before Pricey gives in – so even if you don’t see her this series we wouldn’t rule out an appearance in the future.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins. Prepare to throw things at your television (Picture: ITV)

Katie Hopkins

Aka ‘the most hated woman in Britain’, Katie Hopkins is reportedly high up on Channel 5′s wishlist for a stay at Big Brother’s expense. During which she will no doubt spare no time in sharing her controversial views on life with the rest of the house. And probably being voted out by about four seconds.

Chances of it happening: There’s been so much buzz on this one that it seems almost inevitable Hopkins will fill the role of ‘this year’s Samantha Brick’, Let’s just hope she isn’t required to hog the Celebrity Big Brother cameras with anyone called Tyler.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan
Could Lee Ryan (right) possibly abandon his Blue bandmates for a spell in the Big Brother house? (Picture: INFPhoto.com)

Lee Ryan

The Blue stalwart – last seen with the band in The Big Reunion – was reportedly all lined up to join the show in 2012 but reports suggest he demanded a bigger fee than producers were prepared to offer him. Apparently that doesn’t seem to be an issue this time around.

Chances of it happening: When in doubt, wheeling out a random boyband star works every time. Abz from 5ive, anyone?

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim Davidson
Comedian Jim Davidson may finally make it to the Celebrity Big Brother house (Picture: PA)

Jim Davidson

Another candidate for previous series, Davidson’s chances of taking part have been hampered by both Operation Yewtree (forcing him to pull out of last summer’s line-up at the last minute) and an ongoing investigation over the Falklands – but with both cases now behind him he is free to sign up.

Chances of it happening: Frankly we’d be stunned if it didn’t.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Nancy dell'Olio
Nancy dell’Olio could make the move from Strictly to Celebrity Big Brother (Picture: RexMailPix)

Nancy dell’Olio

Having already had a crack at Strictly Come Dancing, Sven Goran Eriksson’s ex is reportedly turning her attentions to a different kind of challenge – the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Chances of it happening: Nancy was one of the first names to be linked to the series earlier this month so seems like a pretty good bet to make the final cut. Let’s just hope she puts up a better showing than she did on Strictly.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Carl from Neighbours, AKA Alan Fletcher
The house could be joined by this man, who is Alan Fletcher from Neighbours. What do you mean you haven’t watched Neighbours since 1992? (Picture: Channel 5)

Alan Fletcher

Who he, you may ask? Well if you’ve skived off school to watch Neighbours at any time in the past couple of decades you’ll know, since he’s played Dr Karl Kennedy on the Aussie soap for the best part of 20 years. And now he’s apparently set to swap Ramsay Street for the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Chances of it happening: If reports are to be believed, he’s already signed up – and pocketed a hefty paycheque into the bargain. And given that Aussie soap stars are no stranger to the house (well they had Ryan Moloney on anyway, a move which led anybody who doesn’t watch daytime TV to look slightly lost and puzzled for a fortnight), it would seem almost an inevitability at this stage.


Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Sam Faiers
Sam Faiers is so keen she’s already signed up for the Channel 5 show apparently (Picture: PA)

Sam Faiers/Lucy Mecklenburgh

The Essex duo are both thought to be in the running to appear on the show – with Sam reported to have already signed up in a bid to steal some of Joey Essex’s I’m A Celebrity limelight (but she won’t be leaving TOWIE to take part, merely ‘taking a break’ instead). Meanwhile Lucy is also rumoured for the series in the wake of her exit from the ITV2 show.

Chances of it happening: Do the producers get a discount if they sign both of them? At this stage we’d say Sam is definitely more likely than Lucy as the filler of the inevitable TOWIE/MIC/Geordie Shore house vacancy. And Mario Falcone didn’t exactly do that badly when he appeared.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Evander Holyfield
Evander Holyfield: does he know what he’d be letting himself in for? (Picture: RexMailPix)

Evander Holyfield

Producers apparently wanted Mike Tyson for the series but unfortunately he can’t take part due to being banned from the UK following his 1992 rape conviction. So rumour has it they’ve gone for the next best thing in the shape of Holyfield, who famously had his ear bitten off by Tyson mid-boxing bout in 1992.

Chances of taking part: There’s always at least one random American in there, either from a reality TV or retro background – and Holyfield would appear to fit that bill. But does he know what he’s letting himself in for?

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy
Dappy is not taking part apparently. Are you quite sure about that? (Picture: PA)


This is the rumour that just won’t go away. He’s denied it, his representative has denied it, possibly even the horse that kicked him in the face recently has come out and said he is categorically not doing it. Yet still the N-Dubz rapper is being linked with a place in the house in January. Can there possibly be any truth to it?

Chances of it happening: If everybody within striking distance of him says it’s not true but it’s probably not true. But stranger things have happened.

Jasmine Waltz
Jasmine Waltz: being primed for the random unknown American role? (Pictutre: WireImage)

Jasmine Waltz

Who she, you may ask? Well she’s an aspiring actress who’s better known for her string of celebrity boyfriends (including David Arquette and American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest) than she is for any actual acting. Unless of course you’ve seen 2011 opus Cheerleader Massacre 2.

Chances of it happening: Since someone’s got to fill the ‘random US celebrity nobody in this country has ever heard of’ role taken by the likes of Courtney Stodden and Speidi, we reckon Jasmine’s a good bet for the house. Complete with five-inch heels and crowd heckling, probably.

Luisa Zissman
Luisa Zissman: bouncing from one reality show to another? (Picture: Xposurephotos.com)

Luisa Zissman

She was on The Apprentice, then she was rumoured for I’m A Celebrity (but wasn’t on it), now saucy cake lady Luisa Zissman is reportedly in line for Celebrity Big Brother, promising to ‘sex things up in the house’. Yup, we’ve heard that a million times before, love.

Chances of it happening: Is she just going to be rumoured for every single celebrity reality show until she actually turns up on one? Could well happen though, even if it does seem to the casual observer that she’s just ticking shows off a big list as they come up….

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