Can CBD Pre-Rolls Make You Calm?

In recent times, CBD has proved itself to be a wonder drug. They help treat acne, depression, anxiety disorder, and so much more. They also help curb chronic pain and treat neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis. Besides their medicinal benefits, another contributing factor to their widespread popularity is the availability of numerous options for their administration. They are easily consumable in all forms, especially gummies. They are available as applicants in the states of cream, lotions, and oils.  They are also available for being smoked in the form of pre-rolls.  CBD pre rolls contain around 40 % of cannabis and are safe for human consumption.

Things to love about CBD pre-rolls

  • Flavourful and Aromatic

Just like CBD gummies, CBD pre-rolls are available in many flavors. However, flavors are not the only thing that can get your heart pumping. The pre-rolls have also managed to capture the unique aroma of cannabis. The terpenes present in cannabis are responsible for its signature aroma. The terpenes of cannabis are synonymous with the ear pattern of a person. Just like no two persons can have an identical curving design of ears; similarly, no two cannabis can share an indistinguishable aroma.

  • No high-effect

Although CBD is known for its calming and relaxing effect, it does not induce any high-like effect. CBD pre-rolls only contain 0.3 % of THC in them. It does not react with cannabinoid receptor type 1 and does not result in any dopamine rush. It reacts with the primary serotonin receptor of the body and helps regulate inflammation and pain. CBD does not trigger the part of the brain responsible for making you experience the high effect.

  • No waiting around

Other administration methods of CBD take some time to have their effects felt. But pre-rolls are different. They do not require any time. Within 1 to 5 minutes of your first puff, the pre-rolls work their charm and induce a relaxed and calming sensation.

  • No additives

Pre-rolls are the purest form of CBD available in the market. They do not contain any chemical additives. Other forms of CBD like oil, gummies, creams, and lotions come with added chemicals to make them more attractive to the customers in terms of taste, looks, and fragrance. The added chemicals have been harmful to overall health. After all, they include preservatives.

Calming effects of CBD pre-rolls

Today, thanks to awareness, mental health issues like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety are addressed rather than being swept under the carpet. Our 21st Century busier-than-ever lifestyle leaves little to no room to rejuvenate our headspace. The situation has grown worse with the ongoing pandemic. People have been locked up within their houses with almost no social interaction for more than a year. As of today, more than 264 million people are struggling with depression worldwide. The number of anxiety disorders has also recorded a significant rise.

Today the hardest thing to locate is a happy and content adult. People find themselves continuously unhappy. They lack the motivation to keep moving ahead. All they desire is for a small break from everything and relax. A pre-rolled CBD joint can work like magic for coping up with stress. CBD is known to trigger the release of endorphins and dopamine. These hormones are responsible for us to experience happiness and content. It provides you with the much-deserved and much-needed experience of relaxation.

A large chunk of today’s population tends to suffer from some form of anxiety. It ranges from mild anxiety such as nervousness to something serious like obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. Severe conditions of anxiety can further lead to worsening of mental health. Patients tend to slip into depression. The pharmaceutical medication prescribed for anxiety disorders tends to accompany dangerous side effects. Recent studies had shown promising results when patients with anxiety were under CBD medication targeted for their condition. It has a calming effect. Patients battling anxiety often turn towards marijuana as a means of escape. It is like living on the edge and not in a good way. Marijuana has a high percentage of THC. As a result, instead of calming, patients experience a heightened sense of paranoia and anxiety. CBD only accounts for 0.3 % THC in them and does not trigger any paranoia or anxiety. Within two months of CBD medications, 78.1 to 79.2 % of patients participating in the study experienced improvements concerning their anxiety symptoms. CBD pre-rolls can help curb the symptoms of anxiety. It makes it slightly easier for patients to deal with stress which can otherwise be a horrible ordeal.

CBD pre-rolls are not the only joints available in the market. There are many alternatives available, but none of them is anything compared to CBD pre-rolls in any shape or form. Marijuana joints have a high content of THC in them. They may help relax, but they also induce an intoxicating effect that leads to paranoia and anxiety. The same is the case with Tobacco rolls. Tobacco may relieve you of stress and anxiety, although it does some irreversible damage to the body. Besides that, Tobacco joints have a nasty smell of Tobacco that continues to linger on long after one smokes. CBD pre-rolls are like a super baby of Marijuana and Tobacco. It contains all the positive aspects of both Marijuana and Tobacco with any of its unpleasant attributes.


CBD pre-rolls suffer from a slight image issue. The general masses are unaware of its true nature and view it as some alleged drug. Little do they know, it is as far away from being a drug as anyone could imagine. CBD only contains 0.3 % of THC, the chemical responsible for inducing the toxication effects in the body. It is far more safe and healthy than any of its rival counterparts. CBD pre-rolls come with a signature aroma and hardly have any unwanted results. It leaves you with nothing but a much-awaited sense of calm and relaxation.

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