Review: A brand new café has opened its doors on Belfast’s vibrant Lisburn Road. Café Melrose

Cafe Melrose Lisburn Road

Cafe Melrose Lisburn Road

A brand new café has opened its doors on Belfast’s vibrant Lisburn Road. Café Melrose, located on the corner of Lisburn Road and Melrose Street, has been serving customers for a handful of weeks now and held an official grand opening this week. The café was packed with community members all vying for a chance to taste what this new establishment has to offer.

Guests were greeted with a friendly smile and a glass of Prosecco. Waitresses wandered around with tasty salmon and duck hors d’oeuvres and guests helped themselves to a selection of sandwiches and tiny desserts. The food didn’t end there – soon tables were served with an appetizer platter which included mouth-watering lamb, as well as vegetarian options including hummus and couscous. And just when it seemed the chefs were finished spoiling us, they sent out a bowl of calamari that, dare I say is the best I’ve had in Belfast.

Lisburn Road is becoming known for its selection of eaterys and cafés. So why choose Café Melrose to whet your appetite? For one, the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. And so is the café itself. You can sit outside if the weather permits, or dine indoors in the bright and sleek setting. There’s even a touch of Belfast history in the photos on the walls.

Café Melrose is so much more than the name might have you believe. You can, of course, get your caffeine fix and breakfast to start your day. But the wide and sophisticated menu with its selection of locally sourced ingredients will likely be what sets Melrose Café apart. There’s even a BYOB option and I hear the milkshakes are delicious too – I’ll have to try one next time I call in, which will definitely be sooner rather than later.
Win a Meal for Two at Cafe Melrose, Lisburn Road

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Author: Leanne Murray

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