The heavy price of fame is revealed by looking at a critical 14 months in the life of Britney Spears.

The fragile connection between superstardom and mental health is uncovered this Sunday (November 3) on Channel 5 at 9pm in a new one hour documentary which follows the devastating 14 month period in the life of pop princess Britney Spears, from the head shaving to the tattoos and from the divorce to rehab.

With contributions from world renowned psychologists Dr Linda Papadopolus, Professor Geoff Beattie and Dr Judy Ho and paparazzi who covered the story as well as journalists Ashley Pearson, Janet Charlton (LA), Perez Hilton (LA) and biographers Steve Dennis (LA) and Rob Shutter (NYC) this one hour documentary, produced by leading Irish independent production company Waddell Media reveals what pushed Britney Spears to her Breaking Point.

Jannine Waddell, Executive Producer, Waddell Media says: “The public seem to love a train wreck, especially when it happens to a big star on a global stage.  We hoover it up on social media with barely a thought of the possible consequences. Yet celebrities are human too, and the pressure of fame and intense public scrutiny can lead to some reaching breaking point.

“Britney Spears was a classic example. She was once a Disney Mouseketeer and the world’s undisputed princess of pop. Then one day, she decided to shave her head. She attacked paparazzi, flirted with paparazzi, got divorced, lost her children and entered rehab – on several occasions. Even America’s Sweetheart couldn’t escape the curse of child celebrity. Britney Spears had found her breaking point in front of the world.

“In Britney Spears: Breaking Point, we chronicle a pivotal 14 months in Britney’s life in from 2007 onwards, the period when her world came crashing down. We hear first-hand accounts from people who crossed paths with her during that alarming period. The rehab, the divorce, the head shaving, the tattoos and Britney being placed under psychiatric hold. Several well known psychologists consider the state of her mental health at the time: what was she thinking? And could the same thing happen today?”

Director and Producer Lee Salisbury says: “We talk to Esther Tognozzi, the owner of the hair salon where on the 16th February 2007 Britney took a razor to her long signature locks and shaved her head, a night that would make the pop culture history books.  The tens of paparazzi that spied outside, captured the moment for the world as America’s sweetheart began to unravel before our eyes.  This night kicked off what would be one of the worst years for Britney; 14 months of making headlines for erratic behaviour.

“The Paparazzi were part of her everyday life and strangely became part of her social circle, we turned the lens on one of Hollywood’s most famous paparazzo’s who followed Britney night and day: Rick Mendoza who tells his story as he followed Britney when she first burst into stardom with ‘Baby One More Time’ in 1999 right up to when she spiralled out of control in 2007. Every day hundreds of paparazzi, reporters and celebrity magazine editors trailed after Britney Spears around L.A day and night as she carried out the most mundane errands. They were vilified by mainstream media, discouraged by the cops and hated by the public, but there was one person who didn’t seem to want them to go away: Britney herself. She was known for manipulating the media and for tipping off photographers.”

Britney Spears: Breaking Point covers this rocky period in her life when she was dropped by her label, missing custody hearings and speaking in fake English accents. Destroyed by the people who loved her, Britney wasn’t letting anybody in. Refusing to do any interviews, the world wondered what was happening to the sweet Southern girl from Kentwood. But, all we could do was watch the fall of America’s sweetheart through the paparazzi’s lens.

With interviews from pop star contemporaries from Blue, 5ive and S Club 7 revealing how fame impacted on them, Britney Spears: Breaking Point airs this Sunday night (3 November) at 9pm on Channel 5.

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