Retail NI Reaction To Brexit Withdrawal Vote Loss

Speaking from Westminster after meeting with Ministers and Shadow Ministers today, Retail NI CEO Glyn Roberts said:

“It was very clear when talking to MPs at Westminster today that the Prime Minister did not have the support she needed to win this vote”

“The Government needs to take a new direction and seek a wider deal with Labour and other opposition parties. A deal based upon a Customs Union and enhanced access to the Single Market stands a better chance of succeeding”

“A extension to Article 50 needs to happen to allow time for meaningful talks between the Government and the opposition parties”

“The House of Commons needs to state very clearly that a no deal is off the agenda. Crashing out of the EU without a deal would be disastrous for our retail sector, causing delays in the supply chain, food shortages and potential higher prices for consumers”

“Every element of the Northern Ireland business community, trade unions and voluntary sector is speaking with one very clear voice on Brexit – we need a deal”

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