Brain Games That Helps A Child Improve Vocabulary

Do you find it hard to get your child to practice and learn necessary life skills? Fortunately for you, you are not alone as many parents who want the best for their kids struggle to accomplish this.

In a world dominated by Fortnight and other video games, learning has taken a backseat to fast action and games. Many parents are worried that as a result of this, their child will not have the skills necessary to succeed in school and have a career. Thankfully, there is a solution to all of this. The best way to help children learn is to trick them into learning through games. Any topic can be learned through games, but for now we will focus on vocabulary. There is a plethora of games, both electronic and physical to help your child improve their vocabulary. Not only will you be able to spend some quality time with them, but they will also be learning. 

Here are a few brain games that you can use to help build a child’s vocabulary.

Scrabble and Words with Friends

Scrabble has been around for decades as the go to vocabulary game for many. A game that involves taking a random set of tiles you receive, unscrambling them to create a word, then placing the word on the board to get points. The longer your word is, the more points you will receive so it encourages words that are longer than three letters. This also creates a good competitive environment that everyone can enjoy. The key to success in Scrabble is being able to unscramble words and form new larger ones. For your child, if they are struggling at doing this, you can start by having them work with a word unscrambler. This will help them learn new words while at the same time prevent them from becoming too frustrated with the game. Remember, that children will only play these games if they find them fun, therefore as they first learn these games, you must eliminate any frustrations they will have to keep them coming back. If a standard board game version of Scrabble isn’t their thing, they can also get Words with Friends, which is the mobile version of Scrabble. Here they will play Scrabble online with their friends without the worries of setting up and cleaning up the game. Regardless of age, Scrabble is a game that will dramatically improve a child’s vocabulary.

Anagram Games

While Scrabble works on taking a series of letters and arranging them in a way that you can place on the board, anagram games work by not changing that group of letters. In Scrabble, once you have placed those letters they are gone for good and you must grab new ones. Anagram games like a word twist style of the game will give you a series of letters and from there you must rearrange them into as many words as you can possibly think of. Once again, you can hold competitions within your group of family or friends to see who can form the most amount of words out of the given letters. This game only needs a pencil and paper to play as well, minimizing game setup. If your child finds that even that is too much, once again, there are plenty of mobile games centered around this premise that can keep children playing and adding new words to their vocabulary.

Dictionary Style Games

Brain Games That Helps A Child Improve Vocabulary

Certain games require you to write what you think the definition of a strange word is. You write down your best guess, and then you compare it with what everyone else puts. From there, you can award points to whoever was closest to the real definition of the word. This is a great vocabulary building game for a child because not only do they learn to make smart guesses based on how a word looks, but then they are also given the definition of the word right after and are able to understand and use the word in a sentence. It’s a game that can be filled with plenty of laughs, but also will get serious when the time comes to it. Help your child build their vocabulary with a dictionary style game.

The best way to build a child’s vocabulary is to let them explore through fun methods. Children are much less likely to remember the details in things they did not like doing. That is why it is important to incorporate brain games into your child’s life if you wish to improve their vocabulary. Scrabble is always a favorite, while anagram and dictionary style games can be a blast as well. Help your child learn words and sit back and watch the benefits. 


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