First Time Buyers Home and Dry with Braidwater: Pictured: Cheridan Gilligan and her partner Stevie Henning at Braidwater’s acclaimed Eaton Park development at Dunmurry. Braidwater, one of Northern Ireland’s leading residential property companies have come to the rescue of first time buyers in Northern Ireland, having announced exciting new developments at Magherafelt, Ballymena and Limavady as part of New Homes Week 2016 running from 16th – 22nd May. Braidwater are hosting Buyer’s Information Evenings in the coming weeks. To find out more visit Photos by Kelvin Boyes, Press Eye.

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Exciting developments at Limavady, Magherafelt, Ballymena and Dundonald cheaper than renting from just £272.51 per month   

Braidwater, one of Northern Ireland’s leading residential property companies have come to the rescue of struggling and disenchanted first time buyers in Northern Ireland, having announced exciting new developments at Magherafelt, Ballymena, Limavady and Dundonald as part of New Homes Week 2016 running from 16th – 22nd May. The exciting, developments are a direct and tailored response to the current market. The company, recently sold out the first 2 phases of their acclaimed Eaton Park development at Dunmurry and is now working further afield across Northern Ireland making the dream of owning a home, a reality for hundreds of buyers.

The Home Builder’s Association this week published their ‘Home Buyer Intention and Opinion’ survey revealing an overwhelming aspiration amongst 18 – 34 year olds to own their own home. 84% of 18-34 year olds who don’t own their own home, demonstrated that they aspire to do so. The study has also revealed that the main obstacles for first time buyers across the UK include; saving for a deposit (73%), current property prices (69%) and getting a mortgage (53%).

80% of those surveyed considered price and location the most important factors when house hunting but interestingly, the running costs of a property were a deciding factor for 67% of 18-24 year olds, compared to 55% across the board. Aligning with 18-24 year old’s desire for an energy efficient home is the preference of new build properties with 55% more likely to consider a brand new home.

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Braidwater’s new build, turn-key 3 bedroom houses and 2 bedroom apartments start from £89,950 or just £272.51 per month, and are the perfect combination of exceptional quality, stylish architectural design and high energy efficiency.

Guided showhome tours and buyer’s information evenings are scheduled in the coming weeks at each of the new development locations; Ballymena, Magherafelt and Limavady. Those interested in finding out more about Braidwater developments and buying a property will have the opportunity to meet with Braidwater and the estate agents at the following home buyer’s information evenings.

·         Magherafelt – Salters Meadows Development – First Phase Release

The Terrace Hotel, Magherafelt from 5pm-8pm, Thursday May 26th

Estate Agents: Paul Birt Estate Agents & Burns & Company Estate Agents

·         Ballymena – Leighinmohr Crescent Development – Final Phase Release

Leighmohr Hotel, Ballymena from 5pm-8pm, Thursday June 16th

Estate Agents: Lynn & Brewster and Rainey & Gregg

·         Limavady – Drenagh Park Development – Third Phase Release 

DMC Estate Agents Office, Limavady from 5pm-8pm on Thursday June 9th

Estate Agents : DMC Estate Agents Limavady

·         Dundonald – Fort Manor – Final Phase Release (only 5 left)

Estate Agents: Simon Brien (Ballyhackamore Office)

For those who cannot attend the home buyer’s information evenings, Braidwater recommend they take advantage of the 3D Showhome Tours, available online at any time day or night. This innovative technology allows the interested party to guide themselves around the property as if they were in it in real life. This is an ideal asset for buyers to have at hand when house-hunting.

Every Braidwater development has a noble purpose at heart in that the needs, lifestyle and budgets of today’s buyers are the central focus. All the tools are in place to ensure each new house, becomes someone’s dream home. Whilst Braidwater properties are bespoke to each buyer, with colour schemes, soft furnishings and the all-important kitchen personalised, every property shares the same starting point – high quality build, in a thoughtful location, with a keen price point.

Each Braidwater development is created with care and meticulous attention to detail by a team of expert designers and architects, skilled craftsmen and dedicated tradesmen to ensure our customers enjoy exceptional homes and living spaces. From high specification internal finishes to low maintenance, quality exteriors, Braidwater create homes like no other in Northern Ireland in the most perfect places for residents to live in and enjoy. All Braidwater homes are Scandinavian timber frame constructed using the latest energy efficient technology ensuring they are kinder to the environment reducing energy costs both now and in the future.

Cheridan Gilligan and her partner Stevie Henning recently purchased their very first home together at Braidwater’s Dunmurry development, Eaton Park. The couple, like all first time buyers were apprehensive about making such a big commitment but praise Braidwater and Simon Brien with helping them to understand their options. They will move into their brand new, turn-key 3 bedroom semi-detached in September this year.

Cheridan said, “Buying our first home together was of course a huge decision for Stevie and I. We were very unsure at the beginning of our journey, having never lived together before we weren’t sure what sized home we needed and what we could afford with our budget. We knew we wanted to live in South Belfast and we wanted a new build. We searched for over a year for the right property for us and our hope was dwindling at times, there never seemed to be a new development in the areas we wanted and other properties we considered were either finished to a low standard or way out of budget.”

She added, “Earlier this year, Simon Brien called us on the phone to introduce us to Eaton Park. They had gotten a feel for our needs and were right in thinking that a Braidwater development was what we had been searching for. We both fell in love instantly. Everything about the development ticked our boxes. We purchased a 3 bed semi-detached and are patiently waiting to move in this September. When I think back to the moment we put the offer of the asking price in, I feel so emotional. It was such a simple transaction as the price Braidwater ask for is the price you pay. There is no bidding war and buyers don’t compete against each other on price.”

“We went for it because we got a really good feeling from Braidwater at the first information evening we attended – they understood our needs as first time buyers and were happy to help with all of our questions, whether it be on the specifics of the property or financing. We had a lot of question about timber frames as we weren’t familiar with this modern structure. We now understand that timber is much more energy efficient offering us great value on our energy bills from the get go. The development will also be built a lot quicker than a brick build which is really adding to our excitement. We haven’t lived together before, we both currently live at home with our parents as it has helped us save money to finance our mortgage so being in our home quicker than we thought is definitely keeping the momentum building. It’s also exciting to know that our home is current and responsive to today’s world – it is eco smart and environmentally friendly. The development is situated in a gorgeous, peaceful area where we can take advantage of nearby parks and shops. We are really well placed with the M1, M2 and train station all close by”.

“We are currently going through our personalisation programme, all Braidwater properties are turn-key meaning we are part of the design process from the beginning. Even Stevie is getting excited about what colour carpets and blinds we will have and surprisingly even taking a real interest in the materials we should choose for the kitchen, I never thought I would see the day! The showhome helped us to explain our personal style to Braidwater and helped Braidwater introduce us to some of the quality features in the property such as oak and chrome finishes, down lighters, large light enhancing windows. Most importantly we know our home will be a quality build as it comes with National House Building Council’s 10 Year ‘Buildmark’ Warranty.”

“Just a few months ago, we never thought we would have found and own our perfect property. Now we have more than just a house, we have a luxury, stylish home in a great area, well within our budget. I would definitely recommend that those considering buying, bite the bullet. We now know that rent is often much more expensive than a mortgage. Take advantage of all the expert advice you get at information and show homes as this will help you understand the buying journey. It was here, Braidwater helped us see that we could afford the new, turn-key, modern style home we wanted.’’

Braidwater’s expert team understand that in today’s market, buyers vary greatly and there isn’t a one size, fits all approach. Therefore, they welcome all prospective buyers, including those taking part in co-ownership schemes to attend their information evenings and visit their showhomes to further understand the buying journey and what makes a Braidwater home so unique.

Braidwater have recognised that it is more than attractive pricing that astute young buyers are interested in.

Business Development Manager at Braidwater, Mark O’Neill commented, “Braidwater has been operating in Northern Ireland for 30 years and as a result has a wealth of experience and insight into what makes a development of homes an enjoyable place to live. We are responsive to industry and market research so all of our developments are focused around giving buyers what they want. We position our developments close to necessary amenities like shops, schools and commuter routes making life easy and enjoyable. Along with this, we are concerned with giving buyers a modern, eco-smart, quality build of luxurious finish. Finally, our properties are carefully priced to ensure they are inclusive and reflective of the abilities of today’s young buyers who want to be wise when investing. We are really excited to host home buyer’s information evenings for the Limavady, Ballymena, Magherafelt sites where we can introduce the new developments to potential buyers and hopefully begin the Braidwater journey with them. It’s a great opportunity for first time buyers to learn about current buying options and perhaps realise that owning their own home is much closer than they think. ”

To register your interest in a development, attend an information evening or to find out more visit,

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