Bingo in the UK More Popular than Ever


Bingo online

It might be hard to believe but the popularity of playing bingo in the UK has actually increased over the last few years and there are more people than ever playing the game for a number of reasons. Of course, traditional bingo clubs are in decline but a lot of players still enjoy taking the trip down to their local bingo hall for a game with their friends. The online platform is bigger than ever with millions of players tuning into their favourites sites every month but why exactly is the game still as popular as ever?


The Transition to Online

Bingo has a very long history in the UK but over the last decade, there has been a serious decline in traditional bingo due to the rise of the internet. Players enjoy being able to play from their own homes and you can still enjoy a social experience thanks to the chatroom function that is available on most sites. This has led to most UK bingo players now choosing to play from the online platform as opposed to going to their local bingo hall resulting in the closure of many clubs across the UK. However, it cannot be denied that the game is still one of Britain’s most popular.


The Rise of Mobile Bingo
Another contributing factor to the increasing popularity of the game is the rise of the smartphone and tablet. Mobile gaming is now bigger than desktop gaming and now pretty much any mobile internet-enabled device has access to a massive range of online bingo websites and networks. Some sites such as cater specifically to mobile players looking to gamble and you can access mobile bingo sites by either downloading an app or by logging in using a mobile browser. More and more players are beginning to see the benefits of playing from a tablet or smartphone.


UK Bingo Season

You may or may not have heard of the term “Bingo Season” and this is basically a term used in the UK to describe the peak times of the year when bingo players are most active. You may be surprised to learn that this period actually takes place in December with the number of players jumping up dramatically with increases of up to 50% reported for this month. Some will argue that players enjoy playing in December due to the winter months due to the game being a comforting way to win cash but also interact with other players from the comfort of the sofa.


Will this Growth Continue?

It is difficult to say whether this growth will continue or not. There are an estimated 1.9 million bingo players in the UK and this is actually greater than the estimated number of tennis players which sits at around 1.7 million. When you think of these statistics you can really begin to see just how popular the game still is in this country.

While we can see the game continuing to flourish as a whole, the decline of bingo halls will certainly continue which is unfortunate but simply a consequence of the continuing power of the world wide web. Online bingo, though, will continue to grow and it won’t be long until there are new and innovative ways to enjoy this great game online.


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