Best Ways to Secure your Bitcoin Wallet!

Like users secure their physical wallets from thieves and fraudsters, bitcoin wallets also need to be secured. There are higher risks to bitcoin wallets because digital wallets and cybercriminals are always seeking to get access to private keys. Bitcoin holders must pay attention to securing their crypto tokens against malicious software and attackers. No doubt that bitcoin’s blockchain is dedicated to securing users’ funds and helps in the safe completion of transactions, but still, there’s always a risk of hacks and theft. You can check out the bitcoins-evolution by visiting the bitcoins-evolution website and learning about the bitcoin network from there.

Users must keep themselves updated about the bitcoin market before investing in cryptocurrencies, and if you have already invested, you need to secure your bitcoin wallet. It is recommended never to store all your cryptocurrencies in one wallet and make small investments. You can check out other ways that will help you to safeguard your bitcoin wallet and must take all the necessary security measures to protect your crypto tokens.


From all the various types of bitcoin wallets, there are only a few wallets that provide the feature of multi-signature. With this feature, users are required to have at least two keys to spend bitcoins. 2 keys are required out of 3, and the third key is referred to as an independent arbitrator if the two parties don’t come forward for the agreement.

Users can also create a single user setup, but for that, they need to generate a 2-of-2 wallet. After generating a wallet, a transaction can be initiated from your mobile device or computer and cosigned along with your bitcoin wallet. It makes it impossible for attackers to attack your coins because an attacker would require accessing both devices to spend bitcoins. The most popular wallet that supports multi-signature features includes Electrum, GreenAddress, Trezor, and more.

Password protection

Every user must make it a habit to encrypt the bitcoin wallet with a unique and strong password. Encrypting bitcoin wallets helps in making the private keys unreadable by default, which makes it difficult for an attacker to decrypt the file containing private keys. Even in case if the file gets stolen, no fraudster or hacker can extract the information of your keys and spend your crypto tokens.

A strong password will make you secure your bitcoins, and your password must at least 16 chars long and must contain a lowercase, uppercase, special characters, and numbers.

Store a small number of cryptocurrencies

It is a rule in the cryptocurrency world that one must never store all his eggs in one basket. It is never a good practice to store all your cryptocurrencies in a single wallet. There is always a high risk when you store all cryptocurrencies in one wallet. It is better to store your different cryptocurrencies in different wallets. It is also recommended to choose cold storage wallets as these are a more secure form of storing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Store a small number of cryptocurrencies in different wallets and secure private keys of all your cryptocurrencies to protect your crypto tokens.

Keep software up-to-date

Every software is required to be updated because after a period, and there are bugs generated, and so is in the case of bitcoin wallets. When you download and install a bitcoin wallet, make sure to click on auto-updated option as it will regularly update the latest version of the bitcoin wallet. Updates always bring new and advanced features and provide more stability and security features to their users.

Users must opt to use modern operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, and more to keep software updated regularly.


The backup of the wallet is quite important as it adds a layer of security to your bitcoin wallet. You must create a backup of your wallet and secure it in a place that no other person has access to you. Backing up a wallet is quite essential because it prevents users from losing their bitcoins in case of hardware failure or malware issues. You can easily recover your funds even if your PC or mobile device is stolen.

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