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When purchasing certain things, such as glasses or makeup, it can be quite easy to find out which shade or frame suits your face better. However, when it comes to something as simple as underwear, women may feel a bit unsure as to which type can suit their body type. And while it is completely an individual’s decision to wear what type of underwear they want, choosing something that perfectly frames your body can be the ideal case. 

Undeniably, every woman has her style and preference when it comes to choosing underwear. However, for those who are a bit confused about what kind of undergarments would suit them nicely, it can be quite the struggle when buying it. The good news is that there are different kinds of underwear available in the market. Many of these choices include boy shorts, lace essential bikini, and thongs. Each of them has been created for various occasions or body type. Whether you would like to shake things up or find out what type suits you better, it is first better to determine your body type. After all, being aware of your body type can be an essential factor when it comes to choosing the right underwear. The different body types include:

The Triangle

If you have big hips and comparatively smaller breasts then this can be your body type. The triangle body type is when your hips are slightly wider than your shoulders, which creates a triangular look. When choosing underwear for this body type it can be important to find something that completely balances your body proportions. An ideal option can be a lacy or simple thing, as this will frame your hips nicely while letting other parts of your body shine as well. To finalize the decision, you can choose a push-up or ruffled bra to balance out the body proportions.

The Hourglass

The Hourglass body type is a specific type that only exists in a stereotypical size range. If you are someone that measures a proper 36-24-36 body figure then you can find multiple options in the market for undergarments. Since both of the shoulders and hips have the same width, followed by a slender waistline, anything can sit well with this body type. Some of the choices can include garter belts, corsets, boy shorts and much more.

The Rectangle 

The rectangle body type is something that can be referred to as a body that does not have any defined curves. Which is why it can be important to nicely frame the body that decorates the waist. Corsets can be a very good option for this body type as it can make your curves look more sensuous. You can also choose between a teddy or garter underwear type.

The Round

The round body type can be associated with having a torso and upper body that is wider than your hips. This body type also has around the waist. An ideal undergarment for this body type needs to be something that can make the body look more proportionate. A good option can be negligee that can perfectly frame your body by hiding waist chunks and defining your bust. Another option can include a teddy.

The Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle is a body type that has shoulders and breasts broader than the hips. One of the best options of this body type can include a halter neck, which can make some volume to your bust. Other options can include a teddy or cami set, which can allow your bust to seamlessly blend in with the body.


While most of us know about the different body sizes and shapes, finding an option that perfectly frames your body can be a bit confusing. It can be more efficient to find underwear according to your body type as this method can help you find something worthwhile. If you are worried as to whether there are undergarments for your body type, you do not need to worry. The underwear industry for women has been here for a long time and has created multiple types of underwear based on comfort, style, and preferences. You will find just the types you need to frame your body nicely.  Whether it is for workout sessions or sleepwear, there can be a huge variety of cotton and spandex underwear that will help you rock any occasion. Some of the types even include a merge of different clothing materials to fit your needs.

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