Belfast Tours: A Guide to Some of the City’s Less Obvious Attractions

photo: Jason Murphy

We all love Belfast (just look at our hashtag #loveBelfast), but sometimes it can feel as though you’re constantly walking the same roads you always have.

Of course, most of you reading this will have been to many of the city’s finest attractions: Belfast Castle, Titanic Belfast, City Hall, the list goes on. However, what about doing something different? Although it’s nice to revisit some of the city’s famous landmarks, it’s also something that can get a little tiring and, heaven forbid, make you lose a little bit of love for the city. Naturally, we don’t want this to happen so we’ve put together a list of alternative things to do in Linenopolis.


ESCAPE3D: Imagine being locked in a room with no chance of escape (OK, you can escape but imagine you can’t) and being told you and your team need to decipher a series of clues in order to unlock the door and get out. This attraction is essentially a giant 3D puzzle from which you need to solve clues in order to escape. Hugely interactive and highly entertaining, the game is a fantastic afternoon out for people of all ages. What’s even better is that if you can solve the riddle and unlock the door you’ll receive your £45 entrance fee back.


Secret Supper Club: If you’re looking to enjoy something that very few Belfast residents and visitors have enjoyed, then the secret supper club in Belfast is a must. As you’d expect, access to the club isn’t easy, but once you’re in the click you’ll be able to sample some fantastic food, meet some fantastic people and, generally, see the most fantastic side of Belfast possible.


Bike ‘n’ Brew: They say the best way to see any city is on a bike but we all know that anything like exercise isn’t particularly fun. Fortunately, the guys at Belfast City Bike Tours have found a way to inject some added excitement into the mix with a tour of the Hilden Brewery. After taking in the sights of Lagan Meadow and Belvoir Forest Park, you can sample a collection of local brews before you head home.

Just Stay Home! Like all cities, Belfast is now fully digital and that means there’s just as much to do online as there is in real life. If there’s one thing the Irish love it’s a flutter and some of the finest online betting sites and casinos are based in Ireland. There are plenty of options for those looking for some good old fashioned Irish luck. However, knowing which one to choose for a night of inside entertainment can be tough. Casinos Online, found at, has a guide to all the best sites, why they are great and where you can find them.


SkyTrek Zip Wire: Anyone with a head for heights will be pleased to know that it’s now possible to see Colin Glen Forest Park in a completely new way. Instead of rambling through the twigs and leaves on the ground, you can now scale walls, traverse ropes and glide through the forest on a 90m zip wire. If you’re looking for some high octane action away from the walls of the city, then this experience is one not to be missed.

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