Steven Drew of Informi

Steven Drew of Informi

  • 46 per cent want to do it because they need more money

Over a third of people in Belfast (36%) would like to run their own business, according to a study by Informi, who provide expert advice and guidance for Britain’s SMEs. In fact, 29 per cent say it is one of their life goals.

Informi conducted the study to see how entrepreneurial different regions around the UK are. Amongst other findings are that 46% wanted to start their own business because they feel they need to earn more money, 32% say they want to do it because they are unfulfilled in their day job, and 9% say they have a great idea they want to see become reality.

52 per cent of the respondents said that they are confident that if they did run their own business it would be a success, and 86 per cent say they would make a good boss.

The most important factors looked for at work were:

  • Having a passion for the job, said by 68%
  • Interesting work, said by 59%
  • Good work-life balance, said by 58%
  • Job security, said by 51%




“Great businesses ultimately come in all shapes and sizes,” said Steven Drew, product manager for Informi. “The fact that 36 per cent of people in Belfast want to start a business – something that over 550,000 people in the UK did during 2017 – shows the region’s entrepreneurial spirit.”

“Those considering setting up a business need to be aware of the risks involved and the need to gain support, but having a strong business plan and the means of financing a venture could give you a chance to turn your ideas and dreams into reality.”

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