Belfast Named Number One City to WFH

The coronavirus pandemic has seen more people than ever working from home, with reasons to suggest returning to the office is still in the distant future. There are many perks to remote working for businesses and individuals, with many companies even seeing an increase in productivity, and as a result are opting to stick with remote working long-term. With location becoming less of an issue, people may start looking to move and there is nowhere better for WFH workers than Belfast.

Recent Research

Banner printing specialists instantprint recently looked into where the best places to work from home are in the UK, looking at important factors like; the average cost of living, cost of rent and properties, square footage per property, 4G signal strength and the average internet download speed. Interestingly, it was Belfast that came out on top with Northern Ireland’s capital beating Birmingham to the number one spot.

Why Belfast?

So, what makes Belfast the best place to WFH? In terms of instantprint’s findings, Belfast has an excellent average internet download speed of 64.1Mbps along with affordable property prices (averaging £138,300), average monthly rent costs (£597) and average cost of living (£574) – while there may be cheaper places, Belfast is an affordable option considering its capital city status. These are all important factors that make Belfast an attractive place to work remotely from.

The City Itself

Of course, you need to look further than these factors when deciding on somewhere to live but Belfast is somewhere that has something for everyone in terms of history, culture and scenery. It is surrounded by natural beauty, it is the birthplace of the RMS Titanic and it is a lively city with plenty of great restaurants, pubs, cafes and more. Just a few of the highlights here include:

  • Titanic Belfast
  • Belfast City Hall
  • Belfast Castle
  • George’s Market
  • Botanic Gardens

Other Good Cities

It is clear the Belfast is a great place to live for anyone working from home, but there are a few other places which scored well. In instantprint’s findings, Birmingham came in second, which is no surprise as the UK’s second-biggest city and somewhere which is affordable but also bursting at the seams in terms of history and culture. In third place came Nottingham largely due to the impressive 4G signal strength of 24.2Mbps and average download speeds of 62Mbps along with the affordable cost of living compared to many other large cities.

The Worst Places to WFH

These are the best places, but it is also important to be aware of where the worst places to work from home are. While London is England’s capital city and somewhere which many people dream of living, in terms of WFH it is the worst place. This can be attributed to the high cost of living (£831), high average monthly rental costs (£1.6k) and small property sizes (65.6 meters squared). The other destinations found at the bottom of the table include Cardiff, Sheffield and Bristol.

Remote working has become the new normal in 2020 and many people will be continuing to work from home even once the pandemic has ended as it can bring so many perks to all parties. As it turns out, Belfast is actually the best city to work remotely from thanks to a combination of excellent internet speeds and affordable living, plus Belfast is a terrific city with plenty to offer every type of personality.

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