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Staff from Ryan’s Bar, Cafe Vaudeville, The Northern Whig, Thompsons Garage, The King’s Head, 21 Social, Duke of York, The Botanic Inn, Wineflair group, The Errigle Inn and The Hatfield battled against bars, clubs and off licences from all over Northern Ireland recently as they competed in The ‘Damme’ Cold Adventure Day, organised by drinks company Molson Coors to celebrate Coors Light being Northern Ireland’s number one bottled beer.

Converging at the We Are Vertigo centre in Belfast, bars competed over a series of extreme activities which included simulated skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, sky trail high ropes, chalet challenge and a daring zipline descent to win a variety of prizes, including a cheque for £1,000 and a number of £1000 holiday vouchers.

As well as a the gruelling competition the The ‘Damme’ Cold Adventure Day participants donned retro ski gear and Jean Claude Van Damme-style wigs to mimic the Hollywood star’s performance in the Coors Light ads which have achieved cult status amongst beer drinkers.

“Over the past few years, the success of Coors Light in Northern Ireland has been nothing short of phenomenal so we thought we would organise a fun day out followed by an evening prize-giving party for all of our customers in the trade,” said Jordana Busby, Head of Scale Brands, Molson Coors.

“Hundreds of staff from bars, clubs and off licences all over Northern Ireland battled against each other over a series of physically demanding challenges and a fun day was had by all, washed down of course with a few bottles of ice cold Coors Light at the prize-giving party that night,” she added.

The overall winner on the day was the team from Sense Nightclub in Cookstown who took home a cheque for £1000.  The Wine Company in Newtownabbey picked up the hotly contested Store of the Year award and a skiing holiday voucher worth £1000 while Sally’s in Omagh scooped the Hero Account title and a skiing holiday voucher worth £1000.

During 2013, Coors Light strengthened its position as Northern Ireland’s ‘must stock’ beer brand with continued growth in both the on and off trade.  In the on-trade, Coors Light continued to increase its market share with massive growth of 28% in volume and 17% in value during the year.

2013 also saw Coors Light increase its sales in the off-trade by 35% in volume to move into the number two position in Northern Ireland, with its sights now firmly on the number one spot.

Looking at the on and off trade combined, Coors Light was the only top five brand to experience growth in volume of 28% and 17% value in an overall lager market that declined by -6.1% in volume and -3.6% in 2013.

“One in every four bottles of beer sold in Northern Ireland is an ice cold Coors Light,” said Jordana Busby, “ but as well as being the province’s number one selling bottled beer, Coors Light is also the fastest growing draught brand here enjoying volume growth of a staggering 81% and value growth of 87% year on year.

“Coors Light’s Rocky Mountain heritage, uncompromising brewing standards and its dedication to ice cold refreshment continues to resonate with consumers with 3.7m bottles and nearly 2 million pints enjoyed by drinkers in bars across Northern Ireland last year,” she added.

All On Trade references |Nielsen | Monthly Audit Data. Based on data up to 31st Dec 2013

All Off Trade references | All data supplied is scanned sales.  Based on data up to 29th Dec 2013

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