Beleaf Juice Bar at Castlecourt Belfast

  • Have You Had Your Daily Dose of Happiness?  Buy 9 drinks and get your 10th one free!
  • The power of positive drinking – top up on your vitamins for the day!
  • Visit Beleaf – it’s the only place you can enjoy the magic of Bubble Tea- (drink of tea containing grains of tapioca.)

Flavours include:-

  • Havana Dusk – Coconut, pineapple and assam tea – a taste of tropical paradise – deliciously tasty
  • Tokyo Rush – Mango and matcha green tea – Matcha is King in Asian cuisine. They’ve added the tropical sweetness of mango to balance out the unique astringency of Matcha green tea to create an alluring, aromatic blend. Best served over tapioca but pairs well with all other toppings.
  • Shanghai Bloom – Strawberry, peach and jasmin green tea – They’ve married the sweet succulence of peaches and strawberries with the light floral perfume of Jasmine Green Tea to create a bright & refreshing drink. Pairs well with any topping. Especially recommended for children and the less adventurous Bubble Tea seekers
  • Milk honey and assam tea
  • Taro Whip – Taro, chocolate, caramel, iced milk and black assam tea – Here they’ve complemented the earthy nuttiness of taro with the strength of black assam, and sealed the deal by adding the bitterness of dark chocolate to the creaminess of sweet caramel. Savoury, yet sweet, and perfect for those wanting a more authentic Bubble Tea experience
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