Are Polarized Sunglasses Better For Your Eyes?

The beauty and Miracle of the sun can be forgotten quickly when temporarily blinded by its glare. If a bright shaft of Sunlight hit your eyes directly then it is annoying as well as dangerous. Light usually scatters as it bounces at various angles of an object’s irregular surface, but for smooth surface light reflects at one angle- right in your eyes. This is glare.

Sunglasses today can be modified with a new technique called polarization to reduce this glare, improve vision, as well as safety in the sun.

Polarized lenses filter light as they have a special chemical applied to them. The filter creates a vertical opening that means only vertically approaching light rays can fit through the openings. Polarized lenses give a bit darker image than usual, objects are crisper and clear and details are seen clearly. People using polarized sunglasses for a long time feel less tired than usual. Not sure where to get polarized sunglasses? You can buy glasses online UK for a good price with Glasses2You.

When To Avoid Polarized Glasses- In a few instances polarized lenses are not recommended. Like-difficulty in seeing images on LCD (liquid crystal display) screens-atm cash machines, cell phones, car dashboard controls, some watches etc.

If your sunglasses have a Label of blocking the harmful UV rays that does not mean they are polarized also. Polarized glasses are labelled as such. Polarized glasses have been popular since years. They are popular among those who want to reduce the glare reflected from water. But nowadays people who spend longer time outdoors have also discovered their benefits. Can be helpful in driving to reduce the glare causing reflection from the flat surface.

Sunglasses absorb UVA, UV B and UVC rays from the sun, protecting eyes and tissues around them from dangerous radiations. They block brightness so you never squint, increase contrast to see things quickly and accurately.

Polarized glasses are designed in many different colours and Designs. They are lightweight and sturdy. A well known design since years is polarized cat eye sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are not harmful for your eyes, although they darken the image you see. They are better than non polarized sunglasses like- OG Sunglasses.

Myths About Polarized Sunglasses-

  1. They Fully Block The Glare –Polarised sunglasses reduce horizontal glare as they are vertically polarized. The interrelationships between kinds of glare , polarization of glare and filter and the sun’s angle mean that they will not block all glare at all time. They cut the intensity of light by half.
  2. They Are Expensive So Must Be Good- Price is not the guarantee of quality. Very expensive sunglasses do not meet the industry standards while inexpensive sunglasses are advised and meet the industry standard. Check the UV protection label on them.
  3. They Help In Driving- They can block some of the reflected rays reducing glare and making driving safer. Motorcyclists should avoid polarized glasses.The filter along with darkening effect make it difficult to make out the details of the road.Hazards like an oil slick are dangerous and maybe unnoticed by Riders wearing polarized sunglasses.
  4. Make It Difficult To See Lcd Displays- The light is polarized in such a way that glasses make it disappear and entirely . Remove your polarized glasses always before using an ATM or any LCD display. This is the reason, Pilots who rely on LCD instruments should not wear polarized glasses for safe flying.
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