Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Ideal for Beginners?

You may have heard your friends or family talk about paddle boarding and how fun and popular it is. Now, you are probably wondering what paddle boarding is? And why is it so popular? It is a water sport that is practiced in the ocean, where people kneel, lie, or stand on a paddle board and swim using their arms. Unlike surfing, you don’t need waves in order to do this sport, so you can paddle board in calm water like lakes or rivers. There is a reason why this water sport has become so popular; it provides you with a great opportunity to enjoy nature, and it is also considered a great workout for your whole body. If you are new to paddle boarding, or you are curious about it and want to try it out, then keep reading to find out more.

Safety First

Safety should always be your main concern when taking part in any sport, and paddle boarding is no different. This is why, in order to stay safe, you must use a leash to tether yourself to your board. Remember that your board is more than just a piece of sporting equipment, and being tethered to it can save your life if you get lost, tired, or wander too far from the shore. You can find different types of leashes like straight or coiled ones that can be attached to the calf, ankle, or waist. It doesn’t matter where you attach your leash, it depends on your preferences. However, what is important here is its quality, this is why you should make sure to go for a high-quality leash that won’t break off easily. 

Paddle and Boards

Now that you know how to stay safe when paddle boarding, we provide you with the answer to the question that has brought you here in the first place; are inflatable paddle boards ideal for beginners? The answer is yes, they are. As a matter of fact, these boards are very popular, which is why there are so many inflatable options for paddle boarding enthusiasts to choose from. The reason why so many beginners choose these boards is that they are durable, affordable, portable, and they are easy to stand on. They are also easily packed, so you can transport them anywhere or store them whenever you need to. When shopping for paddle boards, there is one important thing that you should keep in mind, and that is finding one that you can stand on effortlessly and maintain your balance on, as this is the most challenging part of stand-up boarding. In order to be able to stay up on your board, you should make sure that it can support your weight. This is why it is important to pay attention to the board’s length, width, and shape. 

Moreover, if you want a stable board, you should opt for a wide one. Moreover, if you are looking for a more buoyant board, then opt for long ones since they are lighter. You should also be aware that high-quality boards will cost you more money, but they will be worth it. As you probably know, you can’t do this sport without paddles, so you should know how to choose the right ones for you. If you want to avoid stooping while you are paddling and remain stable on the board, then it is recommended to choose a paddle that is the right length for you. In general, you should make sure that your paddle is 9 or 10 inches taller than your height. 

Learn the Correct Technique

Like any other sport, in order to be good at paddle boarding, you have to learn its correct technique. One of the most common mistakes beginners make is holding the paddle the wrong way, so when you hold it make sure that the bent part of the blade isn’t facing you because this may cause splashing. It is also recommended to keep your hands away from each other because keeping them close will limit the power of your stroke. The right technique is to stand up and hold the paddle from the non-blade end, you should also hold it horizontally with both your hands over your head, and make sure that the rest of the shaft is on top of your head. In order to create a perfect angle, your shoulders and arm, which you are holding with, should be parallel to the shaft.

Paddle boarding has become very popular in the last few years because it is a fun and interesting water sport. If you are a fan of water sports, then you should really give it a chance. However, you first need to make sure that you are safe while you are in the water, buy the right gear, and learn the correct technique, so you can have a great experience.

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