Are Hotels Only to Stay or Does it Have a Story to Reveal?

“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life” – George Bernard Shaw.

We are living in our fairy tale, hoping to discover new things and experience unique moments. Hotel is perhaps the place we rely on if you are travelling to a distant place to discover.

There are millions and billions of hotels and restaurants spread across the world, but to find the one you feel content in is difficult.

Also, there are many psychopaths out there who go for the hotel buildings that have a story to tell. Hold on, don’t blame them; nature has gifted them with a particular interest, which they love to hold on further in their lives.

Having said that, did you know about unusual hotels and restaurants that are present in the world? There are many such buildings that can give you goosebumps to take the soul out of you—interested in discovering these further?

Don’t worry; we have charted out some of the famous hotels in this post that we hope will interest you.

Havenkraan van Harlingen, The Netherlands

The first one to top the chart is none other than the splendid Havenkraan van Harlingen. When you observe from outside, you cannot make out anything special or unique about this place, nor is it that beautiful.

But, if you watch closely, you will see that these rooms are built-in cranes! Some geniuses found a way to provide the vast spaces in the cranes for accommodations.

You don’t have to be scared of this congested or crowded place. The crane rooms are built in a 150-feet-height and offer enough space for more than four people at a time.

One of the most fascinating facts is that you can enjoy the view of the ocean by rotating the room and getting a full panoramic view.

Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, Italy

The second one on the list is none other than the Bivacco Gervasutti that is situated in Mont Blanc, Italy.

If you are looking for an escape from the material life, and want to blend peacefully with nature, this is the hotel you should head to.

Why? Bivacco Gervasutti offers some of the best views you can ever see in the world for its customers.

If this doesn’t excite you, wait till you hear how each room in the hotel is decorated with some of the finest architectural landscapes!

While your stay here, may think you are standing at the point of the cliff, but, it is perfectly balanced illusion giving enough space for safety and security.

Capsulevalue Kanda, Tokyo, Japan

This hotel is very peculiar in offering rooms for their customers. The hotel is dedicated to offering capsule-shaped rooms for the travellers.

The rooms are built in such a way that they are accumulated up like a pile of books or matchboxes.

You can’t find many hotels like such, as popularity is only slowly increasing in Japan. So, if you ever head to Japan, make sure you try Capsulevalue Kanda.

The Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas

Okay, from stacks of matchboxes and hotel rooms in cranes, we have reached a place where we are portraying the haunted casino hotel in Las Vegas.

Anyone who wishes to stay at the casino hotel is sure to listen to plenty of the famous ultimate urban legend!

According to, the casino resort was a very famous gambling and hotel site for the travellers as well as betters.

In the 80s, along with another entertainment medium, gambling has also attracted a lot of players.

The legend says that the casino was burnt down and the locals witnessed many people dying and running in the casino catching fire. Apart from that, many people were also injured.

Poor souls must have come there to enjoy gambling, hoping to grab a win.

Huettenpalast, Berlin, Germany

Who doesn’t like those living in weirdly shaped accommodations? If you like moving to Germany and is looking for a place to stay, go check Huettenpalast.

You will be provided with unusual and weird caravans, huts, and many other congested yet convenient spaces to stay.

To elevate your experience, these weirdly shaped caravans are sure to give you a comfortable stay just like any other hotel rooms.

Rest aside, the only thing that can scare you here the weird shapes of the room itself which will make you believe the world a mystery place.

Ending Note

The above-given post is a short description of what we have engraved gathering the information from and across the globe in search for hotels.

If you are into travelling and exploring several other places and stumble upon these places, you are welcomed to try these unusual hotels that are depicted in the above sections.

You don’t have to be a traveller to try out these hotels; your curiosity can change your mind any time. Wait for the right time, and head to these beautiful destinations if you are sure to explore!

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