‘Agnew Corporate Going from Strength to Strength

‘Agnew Corporate Going from Strength to Strength

Agnew Corporate continue to experience significant growth in both Northern Ireland and Great Britain, having recently secured two major contracts with a collective estimated value in excess of £4M.

With over 25 years’ experience and an ever-expanding fleet of over 5000 vehicles, Agnew Corporate’s cutting-edge fleet management technology and exceptional industry knowledge have been invaluable in achieving exponential growth year-on-year. Whether for a private individual, a small/medium size enterprise, or a global organisation, we have a variety of vehicle and funding options, which can be tailored to fit individual needs.

Agnew Corporate has recently been awarded major contracts with two industry-leading enterprises to supply fully maintained fleets on acontract hire basis, extending throughout Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The combined fleets comprise over 200 cars and LCV’s, at an estimated contract value of over £4M.

David McEwen, Head of Business Development at Agnew Corporate, spoke about the recent business growth stating, “We are delighted with the company’s 2017 performance to date and remain dedicated to seeking out opportunities for further progression in both Northern Ireland and Great Britain. We take a great deal of pride in providing an exceptional quality of service, personalised for each client’s individual requirements, and the remarkable growth we have experienced recently is a testament to the teams continued efforts.”

Our recent success has been made possible due to our innovative use of technology, competitive pricing and exceptional understanding of customer needs. Offering a holistic approach on fleet services, we have invested in market leading analysis software, in partnership with Deloitte, which enables us to evaluate the whole life costs for each customer.

Agnew Corporate Going from Strength to Strength

Additionally, we offer all customers exclusive access to an advanced, in-house fleet management system – Agnew Fleet Manager(AFM), allowing clients to control their fleet more effectively and simplifying the fleet management experience. Utilising the AFM system, dedicated system specialists work alongside each client to provide customised, expert advice on the company’s fleet, recording and analysing key aspects such as mileage, vehicle maintenance, fuel usage and vehicle tracking.

As a result of continued business growth, we have continued to expand our workforce, with 5 new members of staff joining the company in 2017. Such expansion enables us to nurture and develop our existing customer base and remain focused on providing the highest possible levels of customer service for every client.

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