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A To-do List To Help You Prepare For Your Next Trip

The global health crisis has led to many of us quarantining for nearly two years, with nowhere to go and facing immense difficulties seeing our friends and families.

Now, things are letting up a bit in a few countries and with people newly vaccinated, it’s finally possible to prepare for a trip this summer. This is exciting news after such a dreary time, and it makes sense that everyone is eager to get up and plan a fun adventure after so much time staring at the same four walls. At the same time, traveling – especially these days – can be a bit anxiety-inducing. If you feel that the pandemic somehow broke your brain and you’re not sure how to even prepare for traveling again, let this article be your guide. Here are a few quick and easy tips to follow to help you prepare for traveling, and set your mind at ease.

Research Health Advisories

Whether you’re planning to travel within the country or would like to venture abroad, it pays to look into important health advisories mandated by your destination first. Whether they need proof of a COVID-19 vaccination, or recommendations state that eschewing the local tap water is the best course, being aware of the situation will help protect your health, safety, and allow you to budget for your trip better. If, for example, you end up needing to buy a lot of bottled water during your trek, then it would be prudent for you to set aside the necessary funds from the get-go, as opposed to overspending and realizing you broke your budget too late. 

Plan an Itinerary

This may seem a bit obvious, but many people surprisingly prefer to keep their trip planner completely free until they arrive at their destination. While there’s nothing wrong with exploring options as you go, if there are a few things you’re definitely sure you’d like to do, then it makes more sense to plan that ahead of time. Do you want to go to the theatre? Then you need time to buy tickets. Or, do you want to pamper yourself and go for a facial, as people at the Inverness Palace Hotel and Spa would recommend, after such a dreary year of staying indoors and watching your mental health slip away in real-time? You can leave plenty of time to laze about on your trip, but one part of your to-do list is to book the activities that you’re definitely interested in doing.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Will it rain a lot during the time you plan to visit? Or, do you worry that you may misplace your wallet, or have some other misfortune visited upon you during your travels? Feeling like some of your faculties are a bit compromised after not being able to leave the house for so long is normal. To help alleviate your anxieties, it’s helpful to prepare for the unexpected. Bring a travel umbrella if the weather is rainy, and also plan your itinerary around more indoor activities such as spas, shopping, or restaurant dining. It’s also prudent to keep a list of your emergency contacts in your wallet, carry any relevant medication or valuables in your carry-on as opposed to check-in luggage, and so on. And, to help you in the event that something really terrible happens, buying some travel insurance is also a good idea. Travel insurance can protect you in the event that you were robbed while traveling, or, you’ve become so ill that you can’t board those flights and now need to have refunds from the airlines. Insurance is definitely a handy thing to have, and it is prudent to invest in purchasing it before traveling. 

Don’t Overpack

Leaving packing till the last minute is typically a bad idea because it will most likely lead you to either overpack or miss something vital – or both. Try drafting a brief packing list beforehand so that you don’t miss anything, and make sure it includes different layers, socks, underwear, a sensible pair of shoes – or two if you absolutely must – and any toiletries you may need. Also, don’t forget to pack the medicine and sunscreen, since those will be vital when traveling. 

Traveling can be exciting, especially after so much time spent being cooped up. But, it can also get a bit overwhelming. To avoid that, make sure that you remain organized and on top of things by keeping a running to-do list and taking the time to research your destination before booking your flight or train tickets. 


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