If your resolutions for the new year include getting in shape, then you’re probably wondering how to make that happen. In order to avoid being one of those newbies who hits the gym 5 times in a row and then never shows up again, or subscribes for a year, but doesn’t actually go. 

Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to build your own workout plan that is convenient for you.

How To Build Your Own Workout Plan

Determine your goal 

The first and most important factor you need to take into consideration is where you stand in the whole fitness regimen. To be able to put a plan that is convenient for you and will help you achieve your goals, you need to know what that goal is. Are you looking to lose weight, gain muscles, tone your body or just improve your fitness level? Understanding where you stand and what your goals are will be the first step in determining your workout plan. 

Find an activity you enjoy 

When it comes to creating your own workout plan, you have the advantage of being able to choose something you actually enjoy. If you enjoy cycling, exercise bikes make a great way to get fit and are suitable for not only many different fitness levels but also different types of training. You can even use an exercise bike out of the comfort of your own home, making it easier for you to stick to your plan. Whatever it is you enjoy; it can be included in your workout plan to help you get motivated into starting and continuing on your fitness journey. 

Determine the amount of time you can put into exercising

In order to get in shape, you need to be consistent and have a set plan to follow. It’s not enough to just have the intention of exercising, but you need to sit down, open your calendar, look at your schedule and determine when you’ll be able to work out during the week. You can start out with freeing yourself three times a week, each time for 45 mins to an hour and then as you start getting used to it, you can gradually increase it to 5 times a week instead. Scheduling your workout slots in advance and knowing when you’ll be free to exercise will help make it easier for you to stick to the schedule and guarantee that you include the workouts in the day. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself making excuses, postponing the next day or just feeling tired and lazy. You need to prioritize exercising and factor it into your schedule to avoid doing other things instead.

Mix it up 

In order to avoid getting bored, it is best to include different types of trainings to your workout plan. Even if you’ll be running or cycling there are several things you can do to ensure that your routine is exciting and that you don’t get bored. This can be done by challenging yourself and increasing your pace, using different inclinations by running uphill or changing your cycling variations to a more difficult level or even using interval training to help maximize your heart rate as you alternate between full speed and rest periods. Switching it up will make you feel like you’re doing completely different workouts and also work on building your endurance, stamina, and strength to ensure you get in shape. You can even decide to switch it up between different mediums or adding weights to your plan to build muscle and burn more fat in the process. 

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down

As you build your own workout, it is important to remember the basics that ensure your workout is not only effective but also improves your body and health. Before you start exercising, you should add a five-minute warm-up to loosen up your muscles, get the blood flowing and make you more flexible to perform your exercise routine. It is also essential to stretch at the end of your workout to avoid your muscles getting tense and reduce the stress of the workout on them. After you’re done, make sure you stay hydrated and that you get enough protein to repair your muscles to give you the energy to keep at it. 

Working out on your own requires a whole lot of determination. It’s not easy to force yourself to exercise without someone nagging and that’s why it is vital to follow these guidelines to help you put together a workout plan that you will not just follow, but will actually enjoy, too. 

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