8 Reasons Your Baby Won’t Sleep and How To Handle Them

Are you struggling with your baby’s nap problems? Baby’s sleeping schedule is different from that of adults, and their nap patterns vary as they grow older. Why does your baby refuse to sleep overnight? There are several reasons your child doesn’t want to nap, especially during the first few months.

When your baby constantly faces night waking or nap skipping, he may be overtired and needs a better nap routine. It is very challenging for you when the baby cries and screams but deny to go to sleep. You can follow numerous ways to handle your infant’s nap issues and make nights restful for him.

So, why your little one doesn’t feel drowsy at bedtime? It may be because your infant’s day and night sleeping cycle are not synchronized, and he sleeps off and on haphazardly. Let’s discuss why your infant won’t sleep and possible solutions to handle their sleeping issues.

You’re an Infant’s nap Aide

Every time your baby cries, you swaddle him to make him asleep. It is a great way to soothe your infant, but it becomes his persistent habit that makes it hard for him to sleep at night. So, whenever he feels sleepy, instead of rocking or swaddling, put him in his bed and make him learn to sleep on his own.

Similarly, when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, it becomes frustrating to get up and swaddle him. It sucks. Right? So, be kind to yourself and make him learn the day is for play and night is for sleep.

Baby is Overtired

When your baby starts rubbing his eyes, yawning, or ear tugging, it manifests that he is exhausted. An overtired baby can give you a hard time, and it becomes challenging for you to engage them. So, how can you soothe your tired baby?

For this purpose, you need extra care such as nursing or swinging and setting regular napping schedules, as explained in this infographic done by Panda London. In addition, when you are traveling or having a vacation, don’t overlook sticking to your regular sleeping routine.

Lack of a Persistent Bedtime Routine

If your infant lacks a proper bedtime regime, he may wake up several times during the nighttime. It disturbs his day and sleep cycle. So, for this purpose, you need to schedule a bedtime routine to soothe your newborn.

How can you set a regular night’s sleep for your baby? Well, you can always improvise with a bath, a bedtime story, night dressing, and more to make him learn it is time for sleep. Moreover, you can also turn the lights off to make him know the day and night difference.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety results from emotional attachment, and it becomes a significant contributor to sleep problems in infants. It makes the baby restless. Every time you detach your baby to put him in his bed makes him relentless. In addition, he may wake up in the middle of the night, cry for you, and refuse to sleep back. How can you handle it?

You can comfort this situation by avoiding too much talking, feeding, rocking, etc. Let the baby experience brief separations. Don’t hold him in your hands for a long time. Also, make him lay in the bed to overcome the separation anxiety.

Not enough Nap Time

If your baby doesn’t nap enough during day hours, he faces difficulty in sleeping at night. If your child feels drowsy during the daytime, let him stay asleep as long as it is not close to his bedtime. Babies have different personalities. Most of them need more than one nap a day. You need to maintain their napping time. You should follow the same dozing times every day to settle your baby into a routine.

Too much Quick Intervening

When your baby makes noises while sleeping, are you too quick to intervene and touch your sleepy infant? Presuming your baby is awake and looking for you leads him to sleeping problems. Know-How? It is usual for babies to make noises while falling asleep. Whenever he cries or fuss briefly, it is your biggest mistake to intervene and wake up a sleeping child. Babies sometimes cry for a short time and go back to sleep on their own. So, please don’t rush to them at the first signs of noise.

The baby might be Hungry

The other reason why your baby doesn’t want to sleep is that he might be hungry and wake up occasionally to feed. What can you do to soothe him? When the baby is at growing age, he needs to feed several times during the day. When your baby’s tummy is full, he will sleep longer. For this purpose, you need to manage smart timing for feeding. You should opt for the dream feeding tactic.

For instance, if you need to sleep and you want that your infant doesn’t bother your peaceful rest, you can render him with a good deal of feeding. Once his hunger is satiated, he feels drowsy and goes to sleep. So, it would be best to follow this tactic to let him asleep.

Interesting Night Care Sessions

Sometimes, when the babies awake in the middle of the night, instead of making them back to sleep, some parents make their night care sessions interesting for them. It disturbs their 24 hours circadian rhythms and leads to their sleep problems.

Babies are easily stimulated by your response. So, if you want your infant to fall asleep quickly, prevent engaging with him. Don’t be so excited to play and communicate with him. Try to avoid eye contact and keep the session dull and boring. So, keep your nighttime interaction low-key and tedious to prevent the baby’s sleep problems.


In short, during development, babies encounter many sleep issues. Your baby doesn’t want to sleep because of irregular nap routines. If your baby falls asleep in the car, he won’t go to sleep at home. So, maintain a consistent day and night sleeping regime for your infant. Moreover, the baby’s day and night sleeping cycle may be disturbed by quickly intervening when he shows movement or makes a noise while sleeping.

In addition, if your baby is overtired, hungry, and doesn’t have enough nap time, it may lead to serious sleep problems. Similarly, if your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, keep your night-care sessions simple and boring. Don’t be so excited to play or communicate with him. It can also make his sleeping cycle worse. So, keep these things in your head while handling your baby’s sleeping routine.

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