7 Wise Tips That Can Make Your Desk Job Healthier

People think that sitting around all day is a much safer and easier way to live their lives. The thing is, sitting around all day is like smoking cigarettes. It feels good when you’re doing it, but it’s eating you up on the inside. With the new age of technology, nobody needs to leave their chair or even their bed to get work done. This habit can cause many issues if it persists, like Back pains, Knee problems, Mental instability, etc. are all problems faced by people who have been doing desk jobs for ages. A desk job may not seem like a very exciting or happening career path, but who says you can’t make it better for yourself. 

Here are seven tips that can make your desk job healthier and much more bearable for you. 

  1. Posture and Back Support 

One of the biggest issues about a desk job is the monumental damage it does to your posture and spine. People don’t realize it quick enough, but sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight does make you feel a bit exhausted, making you slouch over or put the weight of your head on your neck. Once you’ve ruined your posture, you sit like that for an even longer period of time that slowly damages your spine. One of the best things you could do is invest in a lumbar support cushion if you’re going to be sitting all day. These cushions give your lower back lots of space to breathe while automatically correcting your posture to allow you to rest on the cushion in the first place.

  • Blue Light Filtered Glasses 

We need another piece of equipment to help ourselves survive a desk job. Most jobs nowadays involve a lot of screen time, and there is no doubt about the fact that looking at a computer screen all day is not good for you. You need special kinds of glasses, designed to block Blue Light coming from the screens. This blue light has proven to be strenuous for the eyes, causing headaches, migraines, etc. Once that’s done, then you can feel a bit better about staring at the screen all day, but still, try and take hourly breaks to rest your eyes. 

  • Deskercise 

Just because you’re sitting down does not mean you can’t do a small workout to get your blood flowing. Sitting in a stationary position can often cause muscle degeneration and stiffness, so it’s best to keep moving around and follow a stretching routine that you can do while you’re sitting. Because we all know you can’t just start doing pushups in the middle of your workplace. 

  • No More Convenience

Now they’re not really shortcuts, but things like elevators and escalators should be avoided. The reason behind this is that you’re not gonna get a lot of excuses to get a little movement in, so it’s best to stick to the stairs so you can run up and down to help get your muscles loosened up. It’s obviously not a good idea if you’re working on the 50th floor of a building unless you’re all about staying fit. You could even try walking/jogging/cycling to your office if it is relatively close by just to counter the amount of time you’d spend on the desk 

  • Walk and Talk 

Again, you need every excuse you can get to leave that boring chair of yours, so why not try walking around when you’re talking on the phone. Instead of emailing or calling your colleagues, you could go up to their office and have a walking meeting. If your workplace has a lawn or anything of the sort, then you could host your casual meetings while walking there.

  • Stay Hydrated 

It would be best to always have a full bottle of water before your lunch break and another full one after. Your water intake needs to be sufficient because you don’t feel thirsty due to the lack of movement. Your body still needs its water, or else the water content in your spine and joints will drop and start causing issues. 

  • Plan Your Diet and Workouts

During work, you need to be very vigilant about the things you’re eating. It’s always better to take the dried nuts from the vending machine rather than the Krispy Kreme being passed around. Try and workout properly after you’re done with work, or even on the weekends. A proper set routine will also help you stay motivated to keep your diet in check while allowing you to sustain the constant pressure sitting down puts on your body.

Desk jobs are a very difficult and demanding task for any individual, so it’s really important to understand the physical and mental ramifications of an 8/hr workday on a desk. These habits will help you stay motivated and positive throughout your working hours, and who knows, might also improve your productivity.


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